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10 Clothing Items Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

The simplest way of finding a university appropriate wardrobe is to be on the lookout for pieces that are basic, comfortable and versatile. This tip will help prevent you from becoming an outfit repeater! Keeping it easy will help save you time and money, too. Here are 10 clothing items every girl needs in her closet!

Basic T-Shirts

Basic t-shirts are a very important piece of clothing to have, and plenty of them at that. Tees won’t break the bank and can be found almost anywhere, from charity to high-street!

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If there is one thing you cannot go wrong is- it is jeans. Skinny, boot cut, ripped, – the possibilities are endless! Jeans are not only comfortable, but are also easily transitioned from day to night! Just replace your accessories and you’re ready to go anywhere. Jeans tend to be better fitting and looking with a slightly higher price tag, though, so maybe treat yourself to a good pair that will last you years.

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Whether they are denim or leather, a cute jacket is an absolute must for the colder season. But don’t be boring! Pick a unique jacket with rips, badges or zippers.

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Duster Coats

You don’t have to be buried in one of those shapeless parkas that will totally hide your beautiful figure. Duster jackets are perfect for layering and are a great staple piece to have. You can throw it on with any outfit and you’re guaranteed to look effortlessly chic.

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As a university student, it’s important to start dressing more maturely and classically! Whether you go with a timeless black or a bold pattern, blazers are a must for the days you want or need to dress to impress.

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It’s possible to survive university with only two types of bottoms: jeans and trousers. A pair of simple trousers is very versatile, and you can get pairs with different lengths and textures!

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Shirt Dress

There are plenty of days at university when you just don’t feel like digging through your wardrobe to put together an outfit. On these days, go for a shirt dress: simple, quick, adorable option. And you can make tons of outfits with the same dress, depending on if you pair it with denim shorts or tights, sneakers or heels!

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Scarfs are a really simple way to add dimension to an outfit. Not to mention they’re perfect for every season! In the warm months, you can go for a thinner, sheer scarf, and for the cold, go for a chunky knit scarf to keep you warm and cozy.

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We all have those mornings when we’ve hit the snooze button one too many times or our hair is just not cooperating. Caps to the rescue! Not only do they allow you to hide your haystack-looking hair, but they also give you a street chic look.

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A staple for a street-smart outfit, a pair of trainers is a must have to look good and feel comfy. And trust me, your feet will thank you!

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What are your favorite must-have clothing items? Share in the comments below!

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