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10 Clever Closet Organisation Ideas That Will Change Your Life

10 Clever Closet Organisation Ideas That Will Change Your Life

Having a nice organised closet can make a huge difference in our life, so here are 10 clever closet organisation ideas that will change your life

Everyone has a closet. It can be small, it can be big, and very often it’s messy. Well, no more, cause here are 10 clever closet organisation ideas that I think will change your life. These tips and tricks are so good, and for some strange reason nobody ever talks about them, but they do make such a huge difference. It doesn’t matter what size your closet is, you can apply these and every day your life will be easier.

1. Change the lightbulbs

The very first tip is super instant, makes a big difference to your closet and is actually really cheap, and that is to change your lightbulbs. And I don’t mean “change your lightbulbs to keep up with home maintenance”, I mean go out and buy lightbulbs that are on the Kelvin scale between 4000-5000. This is because these lightbulbs give a more white/blue, cool tone to your room which enhances the colours of your clothes. Lower scale lightbulbs give a more yellow hue, that actually darkens the room, so your clothes seem somehow less appealing. Whiter lightbulbs, on the other hand, give more of a real daylight look, brightens up your closet, it makes the colours of your clothes look truer and it makes the room feel lighter as well. It’s a great revival of your closet.

2. Invest in matching hangers

Investing in completely matching hangers for your entire closet can be kind of annoying, because you would have to basically throw out or donate all of your just fine and handy hangers that totally work but having matching hangers creates a very uniform and organised look. You can find really nice velvety hangers pretty much anywhere, but the more expensive the less likely they are to break, but this is all up to how much you are willing to spend. Another thing you should do is make sure that your clothes are all going in the same direction: if you are right-handed you want all of your clothes pointing towards the left and vice versa, if you are left-handed you want all your clothes pointing towards the right, so that every time you pull out a piece of clothing it will automatically be facing you the right way.


3. Organise by colour

One of the best closet organisation ideas is to organise your closet by colour. It makes your closet look incredibly aesthetically pleasing and when you are looking for a specific coloured item you know exactly where to go. If you have a big closet you should organise first by type of clothing and then by colour, so you always know where everything is.

4. Create a closet essential basket

The next tip is to have a basket full of closet essentials, so basically anything you might need while getting ready. Normally, you would have a lint roller, a pair of scissors for when you need to take a tag off, doubles sided tape for when you need to tape your bra or shirt, a snap puller in case your sweaters have snags that you can pull from behind, maybe keep a tide to go pen, etc. It’s a great idea to have everything you might need in one spot, instead of having to look for things around the house. This is probably one of my personal favourites out of all the closet organisation ideas.

5. Create a handbag essential basket

How many times have you switched out your handbag and forgot something essential in your old one? Having a basket filled with your handbag essential can be great for those who like to switch out their handbags frequently. You just need to put your day to day essentials in the basket when you get back home and put them into the new handbag when you leave your house again. Another personal favourite out of all the closet organisation ideas.


6. Use drawer organisers

Things like socks and underwear can be always in a little mess. Using drawer organisers can transform that mess and make it something still great to look at. There are all kinds of sizes and colours when it comes to drawer organisers so it’s really up to you. Going through old underwear and ruined socks will also help clear of some of the mess.

7. Go through your jewellery

Your jewellery can be one of the messiest places of your closet, the reasons for this is that we tend to go through them to throw or give away what we might not need anymore the least out of all of our closet. Not many have a drawer for their jewellery, but those will still have a place where they store said jewellery, so try going through it and deciding what you haven’t worn in ages and what you are less likely to wear again and just eliminate it from your space.

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8. Have a special place for your outfit of the day

Having a little command hook on the inside of your closet or, if there isn’t enough space you could put it somewhere in your bedroom close to your wardrobe, can be a really cool idea. Every morning, or even the night before, you can pick out an outfit and look at how it looks all together before putting it on.

9. Have a full-length mirror

This is probably the most common out of all the closet organisation ideas but having a full-length mirror when you are getting ready is really important, because you want to be able to see your outfit and how t looks on you without having to ‘kind of guess’ what it could look like. There are so many kinds of full-length mirrors and they are also quite inexpensive, so if you don’t have one already you should definitely go buy yourself one. If you don’t have space in the actual closet for it, you can always hang it over the door of your wardrobe or room.

10. Have a spot for your final touches

What I mean by this is having a tray, a place on a shelf or something like that for what you would use product wise before leaving the door, so probably deodorant and maybe perfume, or lip-gloss or whatever it may be to make it easy to find and in a way that you shall never forget it.


So, here are our 10 clever closet organisation ideas, tell us what you think in the comments down below.

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