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Clean Anti-Pollution Beauty Products To Buy ASAP

Clean Anti-Pollution Beauty Products To Buy ASAP

Looking for products to combat aging skin because of pollution? Take a look at the best anti-pollution beauty products to buy right now!

Anti-pollution beauty products are essential in today’s society. The planet is in a state of unrest. Between rising pollution levels – from London to Tokyo -to the plastic blight plaguing our oceans. There has never been a greater outcry surrounding environmental issues. Pollution has horrible consequences on the planet and it also harms humans. It causes the air we breathe to be unclean and evidence shows that pollution has a terrible effect on our skin. Which is why the beauty industry has been researching this topic. There is currently an influx of products that boast anti-pollution effects. This has created a new market for consumers to learn and lust after because you’ll want these products ASAP!

What are Anti- Pollution Beauty Products?

These beauty products simply aim to combat the harmful effects that pollution has on the skin. These skincare products use specific formulas to stop the complexion barrier from weakening.

The Best Products on the Market

Below are the top anti-pollution beauty products you need to check out right now!


Urban Decay Anti-Pollution Setting Spray – £26

Pollution causes make-up oxidation to occur faster, so you’ll need a setting spray that can combat this. This setting spray from Urban Decay boasts a light as air formula that acts as a protective barrier against the elements. It stops fading and melting, making pollution no match for your skin. Based on their bestselling All – Nighter Setting Spray formula they added more minerals that battle environmental damage. This spray helps women battle skin aging whilst keeping their makeup intact.

Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask – £17

 The Body Shop created a face mask that helps remove pollutants and impurities from your skin. By removing the effects of pollution you build up the layers of skin that have been destroyed. Which leaves you with a younger looking skin and a brand new glow. The mask is also 100% vegan which means the animal lovers among you can also buy this environmentally conscious product. So grab your girls for a pamper sesh and enjoy!


Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti- Pollution Cleansing Cream – £25

Clarins has always been one of the best high-end skincare brands. This product has extracts of shea butter and mango that help restore the skin’s purity and beauty. It removes all makeup and rids the skin of impurities caused by pollutants. The cleanser also softens and hydrates to preserve the body’s biological balance.


 Elemis Travel Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm – £9.50

If you are worried about the effects of pollution on your skin but don’t want to shell out all your money on something you may like this. The Elemis Cleanser is a good alternative to the Clarins one. This treatment balm dissolves makeup, daily dirt and city pollutants.

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No 7 Early Defence GLOW activating Serum – £25

This serum boosts your skin’s natural renewal process and clears out pores to make your skin glow. The Early defence serum gives you beautiful skin now and protects it for the future. The double defence technology used by No 7 supports the skin’s natural defenses, calms reactions to stress and neutralises free radicals that are caused by sun and pollution. They state that after using their product for only 1 week your skin will appear healthier and radiant.


This Works in Transit Pollution Shield – £26

Battling pollution is difficult because the majority of the London commute is on public transport to get to work or social commitments. So whether you travel by car, underground or bus you are subjected to a huge amount of toxicity. Therefore, this pollution shield provides an extra layer of protection. This mist soothes skin and stops irritation of the skin cells.


As pollution levels soar, people need to find ways to protect their skin. Let us know in the comments which of these anti-pollution beauty products is your favorite!

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