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The Top 10 Ciders Brewed In The UK

The Top 10 Ciders Brewed In The UK

If you love a good cider, then you need to try all of these ciders brewed in the UK! There is quite the variety so you're sure to find one you like!

This year, the UK has been lucky enough to experience a proper summer heatwave. The high temperatures reaching up to 28 degrees can only mean one thing: drinks, drinks and more drinks. What all could be better that a refreshing cider enjoyed with your friends on the outside seating of your favourite pub or restaurant? Here are 10 of the best ciders brewed in the UK that are great to beat the heat.

1.Apple county cider

Apple cider is the typical example of a summer sipper. It is made and brewed in Monmouthshire, Wales. It is made out of 100 per cent apple juice, apples are also locally picked. If you enjoy apple ciders, you will be happy to know that different flavours of cider are brewed with different types of apples too. The apple county cider is perfectly bold and fruity.

2.Hallets Real Cider

Hallets real cider is another one brewed and produced in wales. This drink is made with 100 per cent Dabinett apple juice and has a distinctive vintage aromatic taste. Experts have discovered the perfect food match for this cider: cheese. This will definitely accentuate the creamy taste of this cider.


3.Severn sparkling cider

This cider is brewed in the UK best farmyards and is free from colour and artificial-sweeteners. The nice thing about the Severn cider is that you can either enjoy the refreshing taste the way it is or serve in a champagne flute if you are in a particularly fancy mood. This is one of the most delicious ciders brewed in the UK!

4.Jack Ratt Scrumpy Cider

Jack Ratt Cider is sour and has a very strong taste. Some ciders are meant to give you that feeling at the very first sip, right? It is brewed in England by the wines producers Lime Bay. The refreshing taste of this cider will blow your mind.

5.Thatcher Vintage cider

It has been all said with the name. Thatcher Vintage cider is as well brewed with the passion and love of 100 per cent apples and is reach of that vintage note you’d expect from most ciders brewed in the country. Remember, serving it chilled is obligatory.


6.Kent Cider

This cider, brewed in Faversham by the Kent cider company, has a distinctive note: its rustic flavour, combined to the sweetness of the accurately selected apples will absolutely blow your mind. It is perfect if you enjoy it well chilled.

7.Oldfieds cider

Oldfields cider is proudly brewed in Worchester and it has an important story behind the brewery. It has been produced for over 50 years but was only offered to the public in 2014. Do to the selection of apples used, the Oldfields cider is available in medium sweet, medium dry and original tastes.

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8.Organic cider

This organic cider is brewed from organic orchards in Herefordshire. The organic ingredients give the drink a soft, fresh and sweet taste. If you are not a fan of strong bitter cider tastes, this one is for you.

9.Fowey valley cider

Fowey valley is a medium dry 16% volume cider. It is a sparkling vintage cider which uses a high proportion of dessert apples to brew. It has a natural blush colour and a unique sour taste. This is one of the greatest ciders brewed in the UK!

10.Red fine cider

The red fine cider is brewed by an artisan using handpicked and unsprayed fruit. You can taste this right from the first sip. It’s sweet with a hint of acidity which create the perfect balanced taste you need for a refreshing break.


Do you know any other ciders brewed in the UK? Let us know in the comments below!

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