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40 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas To Copy

40 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas To Copy

These Christmas tree decorating ideas are going to have your tree looking perfect this holiday season! These are the best decorating tips!

It’s Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaas! Well not quite yet… but it’s coming around as it always does, much quicker than you expected. So you probably haven’t started thinking about the themes and mood boards essential to turning your house into the perfect Santa’s grotto just yet. But, I thought I’d do some of the hard work for you and put together an extensive list of Christmas tree decorating ideas for you to copy this Christmas. These try and include all aspects of the serious art of tree decorating, including toppers, bases, tinsel (of course) and more!

You might be someone who likes to use the same baubles from the cupboard every year. Blow off that settled inch of year long dust again. But, if you were in the mood for changing things up, check out some of these Christmas tree decorating ideas.


1. Bow

Add bows to the top, or even just throughout the tree.


2. Free flow ribbon

Let ribbons trail between the branches inspired by this look, shop the look below.



3. Star Topper

Stars can be a shining topper for your tree. This is one of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas!

4. Angel topper

This is the classic look, never gets old.


5. Reindeer topper

Check out the look below which uses a reindeer topper, shop toppers below.




6. Conceal

Christmas tree skirts can be used to keep everything looking fresh and tidy.

7. Pot

This base option is perfect for smaller trees.


8. Basket

Copy the image below with a basket base idea. This has been an increasingly popular trend, shop this look below. This is one of our favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas!




9. Within

This was a new concept of decor to me! But I really like the concept, check out the look below. This can add a sweet Christmas message to your tree… and be a good way to cover any gaps you may have between branches.

10. Hanging

Hang smaller signs from the branches making people get up close and personal with the tree.

11. Personal

Add messages designed by your friends and family for a personal touch. Check out the image and link below to add your own personalised touch of Christmas tree decor.



12. Roses

This look, as seen below, incorporates white roses into your Christmas tree decor. Bringing a touch of class and elegance. These can also come in a variety of colours, shop the look below.


13. Stemmed

These can be slotted in between the branches of the tree. Flowers may not be the first thing you think of for tree decorations, however, they can create a fresh and natural look. This is defintiely one of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas!

14. Clip on

They even do clip on flower decor to make your tree classy and without too much hassle.



15. Top

The Merry Christmas banner in this look adds merriment to the tree decor. This is a more subtle way of spreading the Christmas cheer if a tree sign wasn’t your thing.

16. Bottom

Buy banners to wrap around the tree base too.



17. Plaid bows

The first look below incorporates plaid in a variety of imaginative ways, including the festive scarf on the reindeer. Shop the plaid bow look below.

18. Multi

In the second look, you’ll notice a combination of plaid designs on ribbons and baubles. This can prevent your tree seeming overwhelmed by one colour.


19. Christmas colours

Plaid is a great way to combine all the Christmas colours into one item of decor! Greens, reds and golds!


20. Snow capped or white

Christmas trees don’t just have to be the classic green! Check out the snow capped look below which can really make your ornaments pop. Shop a white tree below!


21. Bright

Why not forget all traditions and go wild with a bright coloured tree of your favourite colour? Like… pink?

22. Black

Black may seem way too Nightmare Before Christmas… mixing up Halloween and Christmas… but decoration with light silvers and whites, this can be a real stand out tree option.


23. For the mantel

Use slightly smaller trees to decorate around the house instead of plants!


24. Tiny!

Decorate your tree with mini trees! In bauble form!

25. The bigger…

The bigger the better obviously! Only because that means more space for decorations!



26. Plastic

Like we saw with the colourful trees, plastic is a great option for Christmas tree decorating. Plus it prevents all those pine needles…

27. Outdoor Lights Trees

There are some great options for outdoor Christmas trees. A lot of them are made from LED lights, these can really light up your garden. Inspired by the look below, shop the look.

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28. Disney

Your tree can be themed with specific baubles and tinsel! Pick your favourite… here are a few tree decorating ideas for you to copy. The first is Disney! What could be more magical? Check out the idea inspired by the look below.


29. Angel

An angel themed tree is classical and can create a really pretty and soft look.

30. Harry Potter

There are actually loads of Harry Potter themed tree decorations out there. Perfect if you’re a Potter fan.

31. Superhero

Yes… this actually exists.



32. Mini Trees

If you like the fake tree idea, check out the look below for a variety of metallic trees that would be perfect scattered around a home.

33. Ornaments and decor

If you want to keep a real tree, get inspired by the look below and shop the look with metallic tree decorations like golden baubles.




34. Tinsel trees

Inspired by the look below, these can be another alternative to a classic tree.


35. Handfuls

Buy loose tinsel to drape on your tree if you aren’t a fan of the classic tinsel look. Check out the look below to copy free falling tinsel that can resemble snow or falling glitter.

36. Classic

But we won’t leave out the classic tinsel look! There are so many awesome colours and such for tinsel, don’t leave it out of your tree decor.



37. Old school

These lights as seen in the image below are very Stranger Things or old school. But I think they are making a great come back! Shop the link below.

38. The tips

Another cute look is buying LED candles to be placed on the tips of branches for a warming look. This is one of the best Christmas tree decorating ideas.



39. Candy canes

Candy canes are a well known and well loved Christmas candy. They also have great Christmas colours of red and white. These can be a yummy and colourful addition to your tree. This idea was inspired by the look below, but you can buy real edible candy canes to decorate your tree too.

40. Chocolate

There are many hanging chocolate options for tree decor. One problem, people might eat your tree decor. Wait, they will eat them…


I am sure something from here will have inspired you. I hope you have a well decorated and merry Christmas!

Have a full browse of all these looks to be inspired! What are your favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas? Tell us in the comments!
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