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10 Christmas Sweaters That Are Anything But Basic

10 Christmas Sweaters That Are Anything But Basic

These Christmas sweaters are going to have you looking totally extra at your next ugly sweater party this holiday season!

Are you looking for a Christmas sweater that’s going to be the talk of the office or school? Sick of the ugly sweaters and want something special? See our list of 10 Christmas sweaters you need this holiday!

1. Penguin

Do you love penguins? This sparkly Penguin sweater from New Look is perfect to match with any outfit and still look super cute yet chic.


2. Crazy Cat Lady

If you’re a crazy cat lady who loves puns, this is the jumper for you! It’s super comfy and cosy while also being witty and stylish.

3. Unicorns

If you’re a lover of unicorns, then this is the sweater for you! Who doesn’t want to wear a sweater with Santa riding a unicorn?


4.Harry Potter

Love Harry Potter and Home Alone? Who knew there was a sweater that incorporated both? Harry Potter fans rejoice as you can get your wizardry groove on this Christmas.


5. Sharing Is Caring

Have a sibling, partner or friend you want to share a sweater with? This elf 2-in-1 sweater is perfect for work parties, Christmas get togethers and more!

6. Polar Bears

Who doesn’t love a classic polar bear sweater? And what’s cuter than a polar bear sweater? A polar bear wearing a sweater on a sweater.


7. Poo Emoji

If you’re a lover of emojis and need a funny Christmas sweater for the family to tut at, then this is ideal for getting the attention you deserve.

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If you have a sense of humour and love snowmen, why not get this Boohoo snowmies sweater for the holidays?


9. Gingerbread

If you like Gingerbread men and want a more subtle approach to your Christmas sweater, then why not buy this sweater from House of Fraser?

10. Reindeer

If a sweater isn’t enough, why not a sweater dress? They’re comfy and easy to accessorize with a number of colours and styles to choose from!


We hope you find a Christmas sweater for you in this list! Will you try any of these Christmas sweaters? What Christmas sweaters do you suggest? Tell us in the comments!
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