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Christmas Decoration Storage Hacks To Save Space

Christmas Decoration Storage Hacks To Save Space

These Christmas decoration storage hacks will help you in keeping all of your ornaments organized for the upcoming holiday season!

When the holidays are all over, we’re left with the chore of having to put everything away again. Or, your about to start getting ready for Christmas but, this year, you have vowed to keep organised and take better care of the decorations you have to save money. It’s always a hassle to put up decorations but it’s just as bad when you don’t know how many of each that you have, and you spend half of the time trying to untangle the fairy lights and finding all of the decorations that are hidden somewhere in the attic. Then the worse part is when you have to go out to buy even more decorations. Here are some Christmas decoration storage hacks which should help prevent at least a few of these problems.

Put small ornaments in egg cases or plastic cups

By doing this, the ornaments will be protected by the cups and cases. You won’t have to spend time wrapping newspaper trying to wrap them up to protect them. Just put the ornaments into the cases/cups which can be placed in a lid box. Drink holders work well too!

Wrapping paper in shoe racks

Instead of just storing wrapping paper in the cupboard, put them all in one place by putting them in a show rack or a thin long bag.


Keep fairy lights up

Some fairy lights look great and can really help an individual’s mood on a bad day, so sometimes its just nice to keep them up.

Takeaway containers work just as well in storing things

I’ve always held onto takeaway containers as they are always useful to have. For any small decorations, just simply put them into here.

Ribbon in plastic containers with holes

If you love using ribbons with your presents, put all of your ribbon in one place and thread the ends into the holes to keep them all nice and tidy. If you don’t have that, use tin foil rolls and boxes to keep ribbons tidy.


Hang your ornaments

For some ornaments like wreaths, its better to hang them as keeping them on the floor will damage them. If you have space in your cupboard, try hanging them up.

Put all of you Christmas cards in one place

When you’ve done all the Christmas cards for this year, put them all in one place. You can always use the spares for next year.

Wrap fairy lights round a coat hanger or piece of cardboard

Instead of spending time untangling the fairy lights, wrap them round a coat hanger to keep them untangled, which will save you a lot of time next year. If you don’t have any coat hangers to spare, a piece of cardboard works just the same.


Put decorations in plastic zipper bags

If you want a set of decorations to stay together and safe, place them in a zipper bag.

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Wrap your Christmas tree in cling film

This only works with artificial trees as it helps it keep and stores it nicely for next year.


Put bead garlands in a plastic bottle

This will keep them from getting tangled and wasting time trying to untangle them.

Keep decorations in labelled lid boxes

I would recommend using really useful boxes with labels on each one so you know where each set of decorations are. If you have some plastic boxes lying around but you have don’t have separate sections, put some cardboard in to stop them from rolling around. If possible, buy boxes with these sections to help protect them.

Invest in a set of plastic drawers

If you want to keep all of your ribbons and gift tags in one place, invest in some plastic drawers, label them so you know where you left them.


Put your wreaths in garbage bags

That way, the wreath is protected already for next year. This is one of the best Christmas decoration storage hacks!

By doing a few of these, this should help you save time for next Christmas. Hope this helps! What are your Christmas decoration storage hacks? Will you follow any of these Christmas decoration storage tips? Tell us in the comments!
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