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Christina Aguilera’s Top 10 Outfits

Christina Aguilera’s Top 10 Outfits

Christina Aguilera is not only one of the greatest vocalists of all time but she’s also a style icon. Here's a list of the top ten Christina Aguilera outfits!

Christina Aguilera is one of the most successful and influential artists out there. With her consistent artistry reinvention and her powerhouse vocals the little girl with the big voice has garnered five Grammy Awards, a Hollywood Walk Of Fame and has sold over 75 million records worldwide.

Alongside her strong influence and prominence in popular culture Christina has also been known to experiment with fashion over her two decade career. Carry on reading as we reveal Christina Aguilera’s top ten outfits!


At designer Christian Cowan’s fashion show back in late 2018, Christina was sat on the front row absorbing all the new styles and trends, and you couldn’t miss her. Opting for a whole unit of a read leather biker jacket and matching skirt by Korean designer Kaimin, worn over a ripped t-shirt from Art Schools’ SS19 ‘High Concept Character’ collection. Not only was this a killer look, but a clever one as well. What better way to bag yourself a a few extra inches on the front row than to don some killer looking XXL shoulder pads?



With rustled up hair and a metallic stone necklace, Christina Aguilera looked incredible as she reinvented herself (once again) while on The Today Show stage back in 2010. Going for a glam rock look, Christina donned metallic hot pants with crystal studded tights and sky-high platform heels. 


Tiny 90’s style sunglasses? Check! Over-sized XXL black coat? Check! In this look Christina not only rocks some incredible albeit challenging Y/Project heels but also a tongue-in-cheek bag referencing one of the most iconic pop songs ever released. Created by London-based designer Henry Holland as an homage to Christina, we not only dig the bag but the whole outfit! 


At the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, Christina decided to get a little dirty with her infamous scarf-top that shocked crowds. Not only did she flaunt her midriff for miles, her torn and faded mini jean skirt was draped in intersecting chains. If that doesn’t scream pure 90’s I don’t know what does! 



Looking as glamorous as ever and going for a retro-old Hollywood look at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006, Christina Aguilera donned a beaded gold gown with a diamond necklace, pinning her platinum blonde locks up in an elegant do to finish her 1920’s aesthetic. 


At the 2018 Billboard Music Awards Christina opted for a more smart and chic look. Looking avant-garde in her off-the-shoulder pinstriped tuxedo gown by 16Arlington, her hair was tied up in a knot and her makeup was simple and elegant. 


In 2018 Christina Aguilera rustled some feathers (literally) with her angelic, white feather gown by Andreas Kronthaler. She donned this feathery attire for Vivienne Westwood at the 2018 Harper’s Bazaar Icons event. Finishing off her flamboyant look with red peep-toes, Aguilera looked stunning. 

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Taking the CBS Early stage by storm back in 2010, Christina looked incredible sporting a black trimmed, clear PU trench coat with over the knee Loubiton boots. Giving me dominatrix vibes for real!


Back before Ariana Grande made high pony tails the new biggest thing, Christina did it first at the 14th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in 2003. Her jet black locks tightly scraped back were in stark contrast to the gorgeous cream coloured Versace dress she donned. With a zipline located at the front of the dress, you can definitely tell this look was from her Dirrty’ era and we still dig it!



At the VH1 Big Awards in 2002, Christina rocked a Roberto Cavalli Leather Bustier Dress while sporting platinum blonde locks with jet black highlights. The gorgeous fire-red colour of the dress exuded sex appeal all while contrasted through her (very dark) tan. 

It’s safe to say Christina Aguilera has been on a mighty style journey, often going where many of us wouldn’t dare of going with varying degrees of dramatic make up, wild and rogue hair choices and provocative barely-there outfits. 

Which of Christina’s looks do you dig the most? Do you love it when she experiments with styles or do you prefer it when she keeps it simple? Let us know in the comments!

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