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5 Chic Fashion Brands To Check Out

There are so many fashion brands to choose from these days, especially with the rise of eCommerce brands who use social media sites such as Instagram as there main way of making sales. In particular, smaller fashion brands are a great way to try out new styles and express your individuality as the clothing can be very diverse and different from mainstream fashion. There are so many mainstream brands that are instantly recognisable or known by the masses but I wanted to share with you,  5 smaller chic fashion brands that are all trendy but unique and definitely worth checking out.

1. Alternative Apparel – Sustainable Clothing

If your style is simplistic and you’re all about sustainability, this is the brand for you. Alternative Apparel incorporates basic wardrobe staples with modern silhouettes and styles creating a comfortable yet fashionable look. The American brand pride themselves on being a fashion brand that solely uses soft eco-fabrics and organic cotton to make all of they’re clothing, creating clothes that are better for the environment. So not only will you look super chic wearing pieces of their clothing, you’re also supporting a brand that wants to create a more sustainable future.

2. Brass Clothing – Luxury Inspired

This female indie run fashion brand is the perfect clothing site for making women feel confident. Brass Clothing focuses on creating amazing foundational pieces of clothing every woman needs to own in her wardrobe in order to worry less about her appearance because the clothing embodies confidence. The brand has 5 principles they follow when creating each item of clothing which are beauty, quality, versatility, ease and purpose which are extremely important because women not only want to look good, they want to feel good. Brass Clothing is a great alternative to high end fashion brands as you can get the latest trendy pieces costing just a fraction of the price.

3. Bread & Butter – Urban Fashion

Bread & Butter is one of the fashion brands owned by the German fashion and lifestyle company Zalando. If you’re into street fashion and love a good piece of denim clothing, this brand is a must to check out! What makes this fashion brand stand out is that they are a multi-brand concept store, so Bread & Butter is essentially a website where you can shop from their brands from around the world. Bread & Butter is a unique fashion brand that is all about representing a combination of high-end and lifestyle denim labels, which includes pieces from new designers and popular styles from Europe, The United States and Japan. The cultural diversity offered on their website really sets them aside from mainstream fashion brands as there are different styles for you to choose from, giving you some individuality.

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4. Rokit – All Things Vintage

This high-street vintage clothing brand is quite niche but if you love retro treasures and all things classic, add this brand to your list. This London based brand only has four shops you can browse around but don’t worry, they have a thriving website to checkout so you won’t miss out! Filled with second-hand pieces and small delicate trinkets from throughout the 80s, Rokit has everything you could need to complete your timeless look.

5. Storets – Sophisticated Fashion

For all the fashionistas who enjoy playing with styles, colours and prints, Storets is the American fashion brand that this month’s wages will likely be spent on. From chiffon dresses and skirts to elegant wardrobe staples and dainty accessories, this fashion brand is the height of sophistication and class. The best part about this brand is the price tag! You can look luxurious without spending too much and if you live in the UK, shipping is free on orders over $75.

We hope you all you fashionistas out there found this article insightful and inspirational. We are really intrigued as to whether or not you’ve heard of or tried these fashion brands before so make sure to leave a comment or let us know about any other chic fashion brands you’ve tried lately!

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