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Check These Easy And Tasty Smoothie Recipes

Aaaand it’s already the middle of May and you’re looking for ways to incorporate more fruit into your daily food intake. The good thing is that we’ve got your back! We have prepared the next smoothie recipes for you and we’re sure you will love them. Because who doesn’t love a sweet smoothie on a summer/spring day… In fact, we love them all year along! But anyway, let’s get to the point, prepare your notepads!

Banana smoothie

For this smoothie, you’ll need literally three ingredients – 2 bananas, some yoghurt and a little bit of sugar. Cut the bananas in pieces, put them in the blender (or whatever you’re using to make the smoothie), add the yoghurt, I personally like putting around 250-300 grams but that’ll be enough smoothie for two people, at least, so keep that in mind. Then simply add the sugar (if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me) and mix everything. The smoothie recipe might sound a bit unusual because of the yoghurt but trust me, it’s lovely, tasty and it will become your new favourite!

Bananas and strawberries

Ah, the classic combination. If you are looking for a way to ”spice up” the classic milkshake recipe which we’re transforming into a smoothie recipe, just follow the steps from the idea above but add a couple of strawberries as well. The result is a pink heavenly liquid!

Blueberry smoothie

The third of our smoothie recipes is again, a simple but an incredibly tasty one. Again, prepare some Greek yoghurt, some blueberries and… you guessed it, a BANANA. The combination is pretty good and if you’re feeling like you need some more ingredients to feel satisfied with the smoothie, just add some more fruits such as apples.

Vanilla smoothie

The many variations of Greek yoghurt in the supermarkets give you the perfect opportunity of experimenting with all kinds of flavoured yoghurts. For this recipe, you can use a vanilla-flavoured Greek yoghurt. You can additionally add some strawberries or bananas, or both.

Cocoa smoothie

Up until recently, I wouldn’t have ever thought of a cocoa smoothie but we all evolve, so did I. The cocoa smoothie recipe requires some cocoa powder (duh), some honey, depending on your taste normal or soya milk and… that’s it! Mix them all together and enjoy the sweet smoothie.

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Mint smoothie

Now, prepare for this… have you ever thought of a mint smoothie? If the answer is no, then you must be as equally shocked as I was when I first found out about this recipe. You will need one avocado, one banana, some yoghurt, some cocoa powder, mint leaves and a handful of spinach. Mix them all together and voila! You’ve got a minty, fresh morning smoothie. Cheers!

Citrus smoothie

That was unexpected as well, was it not? Okay, it was for me! For the citrus smoothie, you’ll need (again) an avocado, some yoghurt, one kiwi and a bit of milk (I’m saying ”a bit” because some people prefer it thicker than others, so I’m leaving it up to you to decide!). Simply mix them all together. The result is a refreshing, green, citrusy smoothie that guarantees to wake you up in the mornings.

As we all know, smoothies can be a great part of our diet and our routine. They’re tasty, easy and quick to make, healthy and can vary in colour, which is what also makes them so fun to drink. Remember to have fun and make your smoothie carefully! We hope you enjoyed our smoothie recipes. Share with us below what your favourite smoothie recipes are.

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