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15 Cheap Valentines Day Gifts For Him He’s Sure To Love

15 Cheap Valentines Day Gifts For Him He’s Sure To Love

Finding cute cheap Valentine's Day gifts for him is not always that easy. Here is a list of ideas of what you can get him this year!

Getting the perfect present for your significant other might be quite hard. Especially if you are on a budget and are looking for cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Don’t worry cause I got you covered! My ideas are budget-friendly, some of them are also DIYs to help show him how much you love him! Here is a list of cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for him he will for sure love!

1. Books

If your boo loves reading, there is no better gift than books. It’s one of those cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for him that he will totally appreciate. Especially if you put a little personalised note inside with a date and few words that will perfectly remind him from whom and when he got that book!

2. Box of sweets

You probably know what your boyfriend’s favourite sweets are, so just put them together in a box and decorate it. Throw a letter to him on the top and spray it with your perfume! He will love it! 


3. Dinner night

A gift for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a physical present you can hand to him. Organising something special can also be a good way to show him the love. Cook a special dinner and fill the room with candles, play some romantic music. Just like you were in a restaurant but better, cause he will definitely appreciate your cooking more!

4. Book of reasons you love him

All you need is a lovely notebook and creativity for this idea. Fill the pages with reasons you love him, your favourite memories and pictures of you two. Cute, romantic and totally on a budget!

5. Letters for any occasion

Another DIY gift idea that he will for sure love. Write letters and title each one with ‘Open when…’. There are endless possibilities, it can be for after an argument or when he misses you.


6. Movie night snack essentials

If you love watching movies together, create a box of essentials for those nights. It can be filled with hot chocolate powder, popcorn, sweets, a blanket or a DVD with your favourite movie.

7. Candle carved with initials in a heart

This is definitely one of my favourite DIY cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for him! All you need is a plain candle, something sharp and a sharpie in your favourite colour. Carve the initials of you in a heart and fill it with the colour so it’s visible. If you want to go one step further you can always decorate it with a ribbon or put it in a candle holder!

8. Map with all your travel spots

This idea is perfect if you travel a lot together. Get a big map and highlight all the places you have been to together. If you remember write dates next to them as well. Include a sharpie so after your next trip he can mark that place on the map himself!


9. His & Hers Mugs

To make this gift idea more affordable you can totally DIY it. But two plain mugs and a sharpie and decorate them how you like.

10. Box of homemade cookies

There is nothing better than baked goods with a sprinkle of love. Bake a big batch of his favourite kind and put them in a box or a jar. He will for sure love this one!

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11. Fuzzy socks

They are a great affordable gift idea he will for sure appreciate. To make it even cuter sew his initials on them!

12. Personalised pillowcase

Just like with the mugs, to make it more affordable you can totally DIY them. Buy plain pillowcases and sew something on it. It does, however, require skills and patience, so if you can’t do that yourself, you can always spend a little bit more money to get a picture printed on it.

13. Breakfast in bed

Just like with the dinner, this gift idea is not a physical present. Prepare his favourite breakfast while he is still asleep and bring it to him on a tray. He will love this!


14. Love coupons

This one you can either do yourself or print out from the Internet. You can either put them in a small box or make a book out of them. He will for sure appreciate that and use for months to come!

15. Personalised T- Shirt

Just like the pillowcase, you can either sew something yourself on it or get something printed. It is still relatively a cheap Valentine’s Day gift idea that he will definitely enjoy!

Do you have any more ideas of cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for him? What are you getting your boyfriend this year for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments down below!