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5 Cheap Things To Do In Riga You Have To Try

5 Cheap Things To Do In Riga You Have To Try

5 Cheap Things To Do In Riga You Have To Try

This week I visited Riga, Latvia. I booked this trip on a whim because I read that it was a cultural city with plenty to do and at a low cost. I figured this was perfect for me, a broke student who does not want to miss out on travelling. Here are some super cheap places I visited during my stay that might help you if you are planning a low budget trip to Riga.

1. Bastejkalna Park

One of the best things to do when exploring a new city is to walk around, whilst hopping on a tram is good fun you can miss so much of a city and its quirks. Using public transport is great for getting across larger cities but Riga is a smaller city and it is very walkable. The Bastejkalna Park almost separates Old Town from the more modern part of Riga. It has a beautiful river running through the centre (although during my visit it was frozen over and the rest of the park was blanketed in snow). If you like a nice walk after a heavy meal then this is a great park to wander around within a short distance from loads of great restaurants and other sights.

2. Latvian War Museum

Just a short walk from the Swedish Gate is the Latvian War Museum. Some of the information is not available in English however, information about Latvia in World War One onwards is available in both English and Latvian. There is a lot of interesting information, relics and memorabilia about a number of wars that Latvia was involved in. Plus the building in which the museum is in is stunning and a sight to see in itself.


3. The Three Brothers

These are the oldest buildings located in Old Town Riga, the first of which dates back to the 15th Century. Each house represents a period of architecture the first has gothic embellishments, the others are influenced by Dutch mannerism and the baroque period. They are just a short walk from most hotels and make for a stunning photograph and a quick thing to tick off your list- and it is completely free to do.

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4. Art Museums

There are several art museums and galleries around Riga that you can visit. Some galleries are free and the Latvian National Museum of Art has a small charge to see their permanent exhibit and a separate charge for special exhibitions. There is also an Art Nouveau Museum which you can also visit for a small price. If you remember a form of student ID you can get extra money off.


5. Illusion Rooms

I had not planned to go to an illusion room but I am very glad I did. I had managed to get the most of my sightseeing done in one day and was left to explore the city without much of a plan. After some breakfast, I discovered the Illusion Rooms. Entry was very cheap (with a student discount) and there was a special valentines discount when I visited so it was a steal. You can spend upward of an hour in here laughing your way through all the illusions and there are a number of hilarious photo opportunities. There is also an illusions museum in addition to illusion rooms which I did not have the chance to visit but if it is anything like the illusion rooms then you are in for a treat.

Have you visited Riga? Are you tempted to visit Riga? Let us know if you do and if you can recommend any cheap and cheerful places to visit.

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