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20 Cheap Stocking Filler Ideas Under £10

20 Cheap Stocking Filler Ideas Under £10

Many times people throw in a bunch of random stocking filler ideas, just to make sure that stocking is fully stuffed to the brim. While many of these ideas are great, (I mean who doesn’t love extra packs of chewing gum and hand sanitiser) there are plenty of stocking filler ideas that just as cheap and much more personal. I did some digging and came up with 20 cheap stocking filler ideas under £10 that are a bit more unique than your typical go-tos.


Great guide for cheap stocking filler ideas! all under £10

1. Photo Coasters

While this entire kit might be a little big to fit into a stocking, I suggest opening it up and popping in your photos of choice (preferably ones of you and your giftee). You can then slip the actual personalised coasters into the stocking with ease.

2. Half Pint Glass

Because, you know, a full one probably doesn’t fit.


3. Mr. Tea Infuser

For all those tea lovers, these cute little tea infusers sit comfortably in any mug.

4. Flying Cap Bottle Opener

Not only does this nifty little gadget open any bottle, it also will send the cap launching with the flick of a button.

5. Lippy Markers

Or any school supplies for that matter, particularly if you need stocking filler ideas for uni students. These highlighters cleverly look like lipstick, perfect for the fashionista.


6. Arse/Face Soap

This ones sure to get a giggle, and it’s actually pretty practical when you think about it. Know exactly which side of the soap you should be using the next time you take a shower…probably something you hadn’t thought of before…ew.

7. Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

Another good one for the comedians in the bunch. This roll of toilet paper is loaded with jokes so you’ll never have to take a uneventful trip to the bathroom again.


8. Random Crap Bag

Because everyone needs one of these.

9. Emergency Flask

You never know when emergency might strike, and we all know a flask is completely essential.

10. Slim Calendar

The new year is just around the corner which means a new calendar is always necessary. This one is slim enough to fit in a stocking and comes with fun and uplifting quotes that anyone would enjoy.


11. Lizard Toothbrush Holder

Okay no, this isn’t a stocking filler ideas list for kids, and yes, this item is probably intended for kids…but c’mon, you can’t tell me these aren’t pretty cool.

12. Mobile Phone Charger Holder

These come in so handy whenever you’re trying to charge your phone but the outlet happens to be too far from anything to rest your phone on. (And trust me, simply resting your phone on the floor is never a good option, unless of course you want it to get stepped on.)

13. Emoji Stickers

They’re fun, that’s all.


14. Laptop Decal

Find one that matches your giftee’s personality or shows off something they love.

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15. Choker

Chokers are in this year, so if your searching for stocking filler ideas for absolutely any girl that’s into fashion, chokers are definitely a safe bet.


16. Slipper Socks

The perfect gift on a cold winter day.

17. Makeup Spatula

This is a great gift for any girl who’s into beauty. This little spatula makes sure every last drop is scooped out of any sized or shaped makeup container. Believe it or not, this gift will end up saving your giftee lots of money once they start getting the most out of their makeup products.


18. Folding Pint Glass

You never know when you’ll need a pint glass at the snap of a finger. This one folds up for easy portability and even has a lid complete with a bottle opener.

19. Fingerprint Bookmark

Great for avid readers, this bookmark actually points to the last place you left off.

20. “Nothing”

Or you could always just fill their stocking with a whole bunch of nothing…literally.


Do you have any other cheap stocking filler ideas? Share in the comments!

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