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Cheap Places To Eat In Aberdeen For Students

Cheap Places To Eat In Aberdeen For Students

Cheap Places To Eat In Aberdeen For Students

As students, we are always on a budget. It feels like we never have enough money to fulfil all our needs. Going out to grab a bite with friends is usually a great burden because finding a cheap place to eat that will serve good food usually seems impossible. Especially if you are a fresher, or you simply haven’t been much around here in Aberdeen. But don’t worry, cause I got your back! I created a list of cheap places to eat in Aberdeen that are perfect for students who want to treat ourselves from time to time while still having a decent amount of money left!

1. Bonobo Café

Everyone seems to fall in love with this place whenever they go there. The decorations are natural and peaceful. It is quite cold now, but on a  warm sunny day when you happen to be there make sure to go to their terrace upstairs. It’s so calming and lovely. Food wise it is a vegan café but I’m sure everyone will find something for themselves! Everything is fresh and the portions are big and worthy of their price.

Where to find them: 73-75 Skene Street, Aberdeen AB10 1QD, Scotland


2. Water Margin

Although at first, this place might seem like a bit expensive, it is totally worth the money you’re paying. This is an East Asian all you can eat restaurant, you pay once and you eat as much as you possibly can. There is a lot you can choose from and I can guarantee you will leave this place fully satisfied. The décor is simple and cosy, perfect for everyday dates with your significant other. Definitely one of my favourite places to eat in Aberdeen!

Where to find them: 2 Ellon Rd, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB23 8EA

3. JW’s Sushi

I know you are probably pretty surprised by this. Sushi is usually on the expensive side, especially if you want the food to actually taste good. Gladly, we do have a restaurant here in Aberdeen that ticks all the boxes to be budget friendly! The sizes are massive and probably two people would be really satisfied by sharing just one serving! I feel like a lot of students crave sushi at some point, so you’re welcome!


Where to find them: 75 Huntly Street, Aberdeen AB10 1TE, Scotland

4. The Prince of Wales

A great pub if you fancy a quick bite for cheap. It’s also a great option if you want to broaden your knowledge of traditional Scottish cuisine! Some say it’s a real gem since a lot of these kinds of places get more modern; more classical places to eat are getting harder and harder to find. Every Sunday you also get a chance to listen to some live Scottish music while enjoying your dinner!

Where to find them: 7 St. Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen AB10 1HF, Scotland


5. The Bobbin

This bar is probably one of the most knowledgeable of places to eat in Aberdeen among students. It’s close to campus so it’ easy to step in there after a long day of studying. Not only is the food cheap and good quality, but also they also hold a lot of fun parties and quizzes. A perfect spot to grab a pint with mates and chill out in the evening!


Where to find them: 500 King St, Aberdeen AB24 5ST

6. Foodstory Café

This place to eat in Aberdeen is probably the most expensive out of all other listed above. However, I think it is still pretty affordable and the food is definitely worth the price you’re paying. A great option if you want to have pancakes for breakfast or grab a freshly made vegan piece of cake with coffee!


Where to find them: Anderson House 11-15 Thistle Street, Aberdeen AB10 1XZ, Scotland

What other cheap places to eat in Aberdeen would you recommend? Have you been to any from this list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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