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10 Cheap Or Free Things To Do In Cardiff

10 Cheap Or Free Things To Do In Cardiff

We know it’s not easy to be a student in Uni and still have money leftover to have fun. We get it. However, there are many opportunities to still have fun without emptying your wallet completely. Keep reading for 10 cheap or free things to do in Cardiff!

1. Have a date at Premier Cinema.

‘Premiere cinema’ in Cardiff offers £3 cinema tickets for students, as long as you have a valid student ID to hand. Their popcorn and other snacks are very affordable. The staff are always accommodating and the movies that they feature are usually up-to-date.



2. Raise a (discounted) glass of Sangria at La Tasca for Happy Hour!

Sip some sangria or other specialty cocktail at La Tasca for frequent happy hour specials! There are usually two-for-one promotions, so call ahead of time and make sure before walking in!




3. Create a blog using a free platform for personal or business endeavors.

You may be required to make a blog for your University course already, but you could make a personal blog that consists of personal photographs and inspirational posts and photos sourced online. You could make it into an online diary that could either be public or used as a private outlet. Blogs are easy to make and there are a variety of free platforms to choose from.



4. Use a camera lens instead of a smart phone to try your hand at photography.

Most of us regularly take photographs. Whether it be selfies, food related photos or snapchats, however, not many of us, actually set up photo shoots or travel to locations to take specific photos. Why not get to know the city by exploring through the use of a camera lens instead of a smartphone? Try using a disposable camera, that way you can forget the Instagram filters for a change!


5. Visit Ice Arena Wales to ice skate at a discount!

It might not be the cheapest activity, but with a valid student ID, you’ll get a discounted price of £6.50 (including skate hire) at ‘Ice Arena Wales’. If you’ve never been ice skating before then you should definitely try this activity and if you have skated, then it’s an opportunity to show off your skills and impress your friends!



6. Have a picnic at Cardiff Castle.

Whilst the weather is still warm you could take a picnic and hang out on the grass with a new read and a refreshing drink- for free! It’s £10.50 for a student ticket to tour the castle, which isn’t exactly affordable when you’re a student, but you can still admire the Castle whilst walking around ‘Bute Park’, which surrounds it.



7. Throw a Pizza Party for all your friends without spending much at all!

Everyone loves pizza and it’s even more amazing when you’ve created one that has all of your favourite toppings! Home Bargains sell pizza bases for no more than 99p for a pack of two. You could use toppings that you have or split the cost with your friends or flatmates and make a night of it! Another option would be to buy a mini cheese pizza for 50p from Sainsbury’s and just add toppings.


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8. Stroll through Riverside Farmer’s Market and taste some delicious samples!

During nice weather take a stroll through any one of the many farmer’s markets Cardiff has to offer for an inexpensive and fun outing!



9. Spend the afternoon baking goodies for you and your friends.

There is always an occasion for baking! And baking is a cheap activity to do alone or with friends. Poundland and other discount stores sell cake mixes as well as baking materials that you will need at discounted prices and they often come in pastel colours!



10. Visit the National Museum Cardiff.

Do you have an interest for natural and geological history? Walk through National Museum Cardiff either alone or with some friends for a therapeutic learning excursion.



What are some other cheap or free things to do in Cardiff? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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