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15 Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love

15 Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love

If you're struggling to figure out what to give your mom for Mother's Day, this list will hopefully give you some inspiration. Especially if you're on a budget, these cheap Mother's day gift ideas will be a hit!

Mothers are one (if not the most) important person in our lives. They’ve given us so much, taught us how to live life and are more often than not the one person we look up to who embodies strength. With all of those outstanding qualities, it does not make it any easier shopping for their birthdays each year and definitely not Mother’s Day. We want to give them the very best and pamper them in the way they’ve done for us all these years. Here’s some cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas that are practical, perfect for sharing with the rest of the family and especially great for showing your mother, grandmothers and wives how much you care about them.

1. Pyjamas

A comfortable pair of pyjamas just for your mum might be all she needs. Gift these to her, make her a nice cup of tea and let her laze in bed while you hand her breakfast in a tray.

2. Comfortable fuzzy slippers

What goes better with a cozy pyjama set then fuzzy slippers? Give your mum’s feet a nice snuggly hug with super soft fuzzy slippers.


3. Mugs

I can never get enough of cute mugs. We all need something to look at that will make us smile when we drink our morning coffee or bedtime tea. Getting a personalised mug for your mum would always remind her of you every time she takes a sip from it.

Ready made ones are available here: Under £20 and £10  . You can also personalise them with photographs at Funkypigeon  or any photo shop. If you’re artsy, grab some materials to DIY them using Sharpies and some plain mugs!

4. Kitchenware

If your mum loves to cook or bake, getting her something she might use in the kitchen would be a practical idea. Does she need new baking tins? Is she experimenting with a new recipe? Does she need a specific ingredient she can’t find? This is the best time to get it for her.


Kitchenware can be pretty pricey, but places like Debenhams might have some kitchen items that are in their under £31 section that you might consider purchasing.

5. Books

Following the love for cooking, if your mum has a food idol she looks up to, consider getting her a cookery book from that specific chef. She might even like other genres of books: gardening, maybe she’s into nature? Books are a great gift option because there’s such a huge range of them, and they are affordable depending on what you like!

Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones are great places to visit to find that perfect read.


6. Skincare

Mums never have time for themselves since they’re always looking after us. How about packing her a skincare hamper so she can unwind and feel as if she’s at the spa, but on a budget?

All you need is a little box or basket, get some face masks, maybe a candle or two and to top it off, a wonderful foot mask to moisturise her aching feet before she slips into those new fuzzy slippers you might consider getting! It would be even better if you both did the skincare routine together just for some parent-child bonding time.

7. Photographs

If your mum is more sentimental, creating a collage of photographs of you and your siblings or just the whole family would mean a lot to her. She’ll reminisce of all the times you’ve been naughty as she looks at the pictures of you growing up.


You can also print old photographs of her and her childhood too to change it up! All you need is some old photos, a cute frame and maybe some glitter or cute tape to give it a little character.

8. A Letter A Day

This gift doesn’t cost anything, but requires thought and effort – something all mums will appreciate. Write down on little pieces of paper a thing you love or admire about your mum each day leading up to Mother’s Day and put them in a little bottle or jar. You could even customise it and write down various wonderful memories you and your mum have had together. The best part is she can keep it and look at it every time she wants a reminder of you.

9. Personalised bag

Getting your mum a personalised handbag or bag doesn’t have to cost you alot! All you need is a bag of your choice – it could be a tote, a cross body, a purse or a clutch, and some iron-on letters or a paint pen if you’re great at calligraphy.

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Bbags from Primark are great work bags or just bags your mum can throw a whole lot of her dailies into, or you can even monogram a travel bag for her.

10. Flowers

If you haven’t read this article and it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, a flower bouquet is definitely the way to go. Visit a florist and hand pick the flowers that you think your mum might love or fits her personality before letting the florist work her magic.


11. Cook her a meal

Not everyone’s great at whipping up romantic dinners, but that’s where meal subscription boxes come into play. Not only will there be a recipe provided, but often, the ingredients will come with it as well! You can cook the meal from the box you choose for a wonderful Mother’s Day meal, or cook it together with her. For those who can cook or are a whizz in the kitchen, try cooking up one of the speciality recipes that she always cooks for you!

12. Afternoon tea

Maybe you’re thinking about taking both your gran and mum out together. An afternoon tea would be perfect for a classy afternoon together just relaxing and making great conversation. If you’re on a budget, put together some sandwiches, maybe grab some fruit and take them out on a faux ‘afternoon-tea’ picnic.

13. A weekend away

Only have the weekend to spend with your mum? Take a short trip away from the busy city to escape to the countryside. Let your mum immerse herself in Jane Austen somewhere in the Peak District, or go family punting in Oxford or Cambridge.


14. Shopping (both online and off)

You can never go wrong with shopping. To make it interesting, set a budget for both you and your mum, and set the challenge of buying an outfit for each other. It helps get to know one another’s style better and also, clothes are returnable if anything goes wrong!

15. Time

We often never think of just spending time with our mums. Time is extremely important especially when we’re in a phase of constantly working and we can’t make time for gatherings etcetera. It could be as simple as doing the activities listed above, or just being at home curled up in a cozy throw blanket watching movies with her. Ultimately, time (and a heartfelt letter) is something that all our mums would appreciate. This is definitely the cheapest moneywise of the cheap Mother’s day gift ideas, but absolutely rich in memories.

What do you think of these cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
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