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7 Cheap Leisure Activities In London You Have To Do

7 Cheap Leisure Activities In London You Have To Do

There are a ton of things to do in London, but not all come cheap or effort free. If you're looking to spend a relaxing day in London, check out this list of leisure activities in London.

London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is home to many fun activities. Due to it’s fast pace and it being the capital it comes with expenses. There aren’t many cheap activities to spend time doing in London but there are a few if you know where to look, there are also even better options like free activities which I will tell you about in this article on cheap leisure activities in London that you just have to do whilst you are here.

River Cruise

Whilst in London, a great money friendly way to get to know the landmarks is to take a river cruise on the Thames. The guide will stop at the landmarks and give you a little bit of education into them and why they are so important. It is a great way for seeing London from another angle that not many do get to see it from. You can go on a river cruise from as little as £11.


London Eye

The London Eye is a well known landmark in London, the one which everyone gets to see every new years eve. A great experience for catching up with some friends or just to take in the view of the city of London and how vast it is. Why not spend some leisurely time experiencing the breathtaking view that London has to offer. This is a must when it comes to leisure activities in London.

London Tour Bus

Why not explore London on a tour bus? This will only set you back about £12, and it is relaxing and allows you to take in London from above. A nice change form walking around the streets and a great way to spend a day in London.



There are many galleries and museums in London, most of them are absolutely free to enter and explore. The Tate Modern or Britain for some artwork, or The Museum of London. There really is a museum for everyone, no matter what your interests are. Museums are great leisure activities in London.

Sky Garden

There are a variety of sky garden’s in London, however Fenchurch Street offers a beautiful sky garden that you can go and visit for free, all you have to do is book your free ticket online to secure a time slot. Though the view is free, the restaurant up there isn’t, but it is a great way to spend some leisurely time amongst the garden in the sky.


Check out this list of leisure activities in London.

Film Festivals

There are many film festivals that take place during the year, with many entries. What a lot of people don’t know is that going to a film festival doesn’t usually cost a penny. It is a lovely way to spend an evening in London, watching and appreciating the art that has been constructed by others.



There is always something going on in Shoreditch. Boxpark is always the place to be for any occasion. There is music and restaurants and Brick Lane isn’t far away, which is a great place to spend some leisurely time in the evening and won’t hurt your purse too much. Entering Boxpark is free and a lot of the events that take place there are also free.

What are your favorite leisure activities in London? Let us know in the comments below!
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