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4 Cheap IKEA Items That Your Room Will Thank You For

4 Cheap IKEA Items That Your Room Will Thank You For

4 Cheap Ikea Items That Your Room Will Thank You For

IKEA items are a student’s best friend, especially if they are budget-friendly. Whether you are just now moving into your first post-halls room or looking to organise/redecorate your old room, these IKEA items will definitely help you do it.

This year IKEA opened its first leading sustainable store in the UK (Greenwich IKEA).  It is the first full-sized IKEA to open in London for the last 14 years and it is designed to have a positive impact on the environment and promote sustainability. All of this calls for a celebration, so let’s look at some IKEA items you can pick up during your next shop!

1. Clothes Rack

Have you been staring at pictures on Instagram of items arranged perfectly on a clothes racks wishing that you had one in your room? Look no further than your friendly neighbourhood IKEA. Get the RIGGA clothes rack for £15.


It has space for your shoes as well, so you don’t have to trip on them or lose them in the black hole under your bed anymore. You could also split the cost with your flatmates, so it’s even cheaper and use it as a clothes/shoe rack. Your guests will be really impressed by how adult you are. 

2. Desk

The transition to having a designated study area in your room in halls to having only a bed and wardrobe (if anything) in your first flatshare could bring about some bad habits. For me, one of those was working on my bed. And because you may draw the short straw and be in the smallest room in the flat, here’s an affordable and space-efficient desk.

Pick up the £30 VITTSJÖ laptop table or if you are feeling fancy the £55 FJÄLLBO laptop table so you can work effortlessly in your room.


3. Bedside Table

Everyone needs a bedside table. If you do not have one yet, you are probably putting your stuff on the floor. Now that I’ve called everyone out, including myself, take a look at this cheap, functional and rustic bedside table (KNARREVIK) which you can get for as little as £9.

There’s space for books, your phone, a lamp, a glass… and if you love watching Netflix in bed, you can put your laptop on top and not wake up in the middle of the night hugging it. It’s efficient and will fit nicely into most spaces. I love most of the IKEA items on the list, but this is probably my favourite.


4. Storage

IKEA is a master of organisation and there are some very affordable storage solutions which will help you organise your space. Minimalism has been gaining popularity in recent years and people are getting more and more interested in decluttering their space. A great way to do that is to organise your belongings and there are great IKEA items for that.

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The best thing I’ve done in the past year is making a designated box for electronics – no more tripping over tangled cables. If you are looking to create structure (which your room will definitely thank you for), take a look at TJENA (£2.50) and its family of storage boxes to find the right size for your space and purpose.


5. Bonus

One essential item for a bedroom is a bin, so while you’re picking up your other IKEA items grab FNISS for £1 so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a simple plastic bin, which will last you for years and it can be recycled at the end of its life! It comes in two colours – black and white (like most of the other items on the list) and it’s a very simple design that goes with any type of furniture.

If you’ve decided to get a clothes rack but you wish you had shelves for your shirts, jeans or towels, pick up the SKUBB for £7 along with your clothes rack.


What Ikea items do you have in your room? Tell us in the comments!

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