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The Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Will Save You CASH

The Cheap Home Decor Ideas That Will Save You CASH

If you're getting ready to decorate your house but don't want to spend a lot of money, check out these cheap home decor ideas that still look great!

We all feel like little interior designers with so many ideas and endless decoration inspo until it comes to spending money on those cute things we thought about using to decorate our home. Sometimes buying a new indoor plant or a table lamp is useful to give a new lease of life to our home, although we want to be able to achieve this without breaking the bank. So, here are some useful tips on cheap home decor ideas that will save you cash. You will be surprised about what your little hands and a bit of creativity can do with less or no money at all.

1. DIY Cushions

Choosing home-made decorations for your apartment can help you save a significant amount of money and at the same time you will enjoy doing your own creations. You can buy some simply and plain cushions from bargain stores such as Poundland, then use old clothes or materials that you no longer need as cushion covers. Get hot glue, scissors, sawing materials and loads of creativity. Creating your own home décor will be cheap and fun too. DIY Cushions are some of the greatest cheap home decor ideas!

2. Hand dyed napkins

You get dig in proper DIY with colourful napkins. They are easy to make and can be personalised in many ways. To make dyed napkins you will need fabric painting or tints, gloves and white plain napkins. After mixing up a couple of colours in a bowl, you will have to immerse the napkins into your colour mixture, then keep them drying outside for a full day. When it’s all dry up, you can then iron all your napkins, and place them somewhere dry in the kitchen. These will be a great and cheap option to dress up plain white dishes.


3. Tint old furniture

You can easily turn an old piece of furniture into a vintage and unique decorative piece for your home. To refresh the frame of an old chair, use some left-over paint. You can also give a modern look to an old and brownish commode. Just get a bright leftover paint, dilute it with a white paint to obtain a soft or pastel tone, then go on and paint the commode. It will look nice and shinny as if you just got it delivered from Ikea.

4. Home made mini lamps

Imagine you just recently saw a really cute lamp you’d want to buy but the price is much higher than what you would normally spend on a lamp. To save some money, you could try making a similar one home. You just need led bob lights, wine glasses and decorated paper shades. Be creative and don’t be scared of making a mess

5. Pay Ikea a visit

Ikea is always a good idea when it comes to home décor. You can never get out of Ikea empty handed. Shelving units, cupboards and storage containers are always quite affordable compared to other places. It could be a good idea to check Ikea’s sales periods online, so that you can plan when it is more convenient to pay them a visit. You will find a lot of inspiration for your cheap home decor ideas at Ikea!

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6. Print-out Art

Another smart idea to decorate your home without spending a fortune is to get your best trip photos printed out. Once this is than, you will just need cheap wooded frames to stick the pictures in then they will be ready to dress-up your bare walls.

7. Coffee tables

Coffee tables are very simple but useful pieces you absolutely need in your apartment. Although you really want to renovate your place, you really want to stick to your budget, so the best way is to grab basic wooden coffee tables from Ikea or order some from Ebay, then hand paint by following the pattern that you prefer. Another option could be taking an old mirror to use it as a top glass for your table. Coffee tables are awesome cheap home decor ideas!


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