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10 Cheap Holiday Destinations For Students On A Budget

10 Cheap Holiday Destinations For Students On A Budget

Here are a list of the best cheap holiday destinations for you to go in 2019! Being on a budget doesn't mean you can't travel!

It can be difficult to go on holidays when you are a student – everything is so tricky, you don’t have much free time, unless you go during summer and that’s when holidays get expensive. I have compiled a list of cheap holiday destination to make booking that special getaway, just a little bit easier for you 

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria  

The number one cheap holiday destination! If you are looking for a crazy holiday this will be it. Expect the atmosphere of Ibiza but within a student’s price range where the beer happens to be £1 and there are so many nightclub events – there will be something for everyone!   

10 Cheap Holiday Destinations For Student On A Budget


2. Prague, Czech Republic   

Prague has the same reputation as Sunny Beach providing cheap alcohol, with beers from 50p on sale! Wander around the beautiful, old city in the daytime and then find yourself in quirky, cocktail bars in the evening. Take advantage of the cheap drinks whilst you are there!  

3. Bali, Indonesia  

While not being as cheap as some of the others on the list, Bali has made its way into the top 10 cheapest holiday destinations this year. It boasts beautiful white sandy beaches, mesmerising rice fields, meet and greets with elephants and so much more! The beers cost £1.50 which is still incredibly cheap considering.  

4. Benidorm, Spain  

Like Sunny Beach on the list, Benidorm will be a wild holiday. All the Brits will be migrating here for the summer, so you won’t need to worry about speaking the language. Benidorm is famous for its nightlife along the infamous strip. It will be a more diverse bunch of people from university classmates, mums on hen do’s and even some grandads out causing mayhem.  


5. Algarve, Portugal  

Get to experience the beauty of Portugal and still be within your budget. Like the other beach locations, it boasts stunning beaches against the backdrop of amazing cliffs. For a quieter holiday try out the Algarve for those of you who aren’t big into huge crowds and sweaty clubs.  

6. Budapest, Hungary  

For an affordable city break, Budapest is a must visit! You can have a soak in the Szechenyi Thermal Baths taking in the beautiful views – or if you would like to see it at night, they host a fun club night, just remember your bikini! There is also lots of fascinating museums to visit and for the perfect Instagram shot head up to Buda Castle for amazing views of the surrounding area and the perfect shot of the parliament building.  

7. Vogel, Slovenia  

If you want a cheap skiing trip, Vogel is perfect for you. But the area is not known for its hectic nightlife so this is something to consider before going. But it does boast cheap beer at £1.70 a pint! If you are up for purely skiing and making some good memories on the slopes, this is the perfect place for you.  


10 Cheap Holiday Destinations For Student On A Budget

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8. Krakow, Poland  

This is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, steeped in deep history and like Prague boasts incredibly cheap beer at £1.20 a pint. You can explore the beautiful surroundings of Krakow castle and even visit a surreal salt mine, filled with odd attractions like salt chandeliers, salt church and many salt statues. If you are into visiting unique attractions, the salt mines in Krakow are something you would never forget.  


9. Dubrovnik, Croatia  

Go and visit King’s Landing and step inside Game of Thrones! The famous city is based within the city walls, it feels like you have been transported back in time, even if you take Game of Thrones out of the equation. The beautiful sea as the backdrop makes this idyllic place the perfect backdrop to your holiday. There are so many fun activities from paddle boarding boat trips, game of thrones events and a cable car which takes you up into the hills for outstanding views of the surrounding area. The beer prices are £1.60 so still quite reasonable!  

10. Naples, Italy  

Slightly more expensive than some of the other holiday destinations on the list, with their beer prices at £2.50. But Naples is a truly beautiful holiday destination! Set within the backdrop of Mount Vesuvius nestled against the crazy city of Naples. You can take a trip up Mount Vesuvius and climb an active volcano. But don’t forget the amazing food which is reasonably priced and people say you can die after having a pizza in Naples – as they are the best in the world! Although from personal experience avoid the pizza with no tomato as it is hard to stomach!  

10 Cheap Holiday Destinations For Student On A Budget


Do you have any favourite cheap holiday destinations to include on the list? The hidden gems that aren’t overrun by tourists are the ones to find! Comment below to share holiday recommendations! 

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