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5 Cheap Good Quality Makeup Brush Sets We All Need

5 Cheap Good Quality Makeup Brush Sets We All Need

If you're looking for some cheap good quality makeup brush sets, then these are the ones for you! A makeup brush does wonders, and with these sets you'll never think about those expensive brushes again!

They say makeup brushes are essential! Well, yes because you can’t always put your makeup on with your hands and fingers. Sometimes you want your foundation or BB cream to look smoother and airbrushed, or your eyeshadow on the crease blended to perfection. Well, it’s time you invest in a brush set! You don’t have to pay a fortune as well, so have a look at these 5 cheap good quality makeup brush sets!

Rose Quartz 9 Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics.

This 9 piece brush set is so pretty! The pink marble handles look so nice with the silver. This set has every brush you need, from face brushes to eyeshadow ones. The package is complete and for a small price!


15 Piece Luxe Matte Black Travel Brush Set by Glamher Booth

Another cheap makeup brush set! In this set, you get even more brushes for the face and the eyes. Now you can perfect that makeup look! To name a few, you get highlighter, powder and blush brush and so many small different brushes for the eyes! This is a bargain!

My Kit Co Electro Brush Set by MYKITCO

This is a simple set but the design is out of this world! The contrast between the rainbow effect and the black bristles is amazing! This set is for those girls who don’t wear much makeup but stick to a simple makeup routine. In this set it’s included a contour brush, a powder or blush one, eyeshadow, eyeliner brush, for highlighter and for the brows or eyelashes. It’s great for travelling as well!



This white and silver brush set is so chic and simple, I love it. In this brush set you get three face brushes and three eye brushes. Again, if you have a simple makeup routine, then this would be perfect for you.

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SET 701 – 7 PIECE ROSE SET by Morphe.

This Morphe makeup brush set is perfect for travelling and using on a daily basis. You get the main face makeup brushes that you absolutely need and four more eyeshadow ones. You can create any makeup look with sets like these, when you have the most needed brushes.

What do you think of these cheap good quality makeup brush sets? Let us know in the comment section below!

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