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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Liverpool John Moores University

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Liverpool John Moores University

As the capital of culture in Europe, Liverpool is full of all kinds of dating adventures. Here's cheap, fun date ideas near Liverpool John Moores University.

Liverpool is a vibrant, busy city. Previously named the capital of culture in Europe, there is bound to be a cute dating adventure that suits you.

1. We’re going to begin simplistic. Everyone loves the cinema, right? However, F.A.C.T is a very different style of cinema.

Cheaper than your chain cinemas, there’s always an exhibition or a display going on to keep your date busy. What makes this place even more special is that it neighbours onto Bold Street. Bustling with independent restaurants that delight the taste buds, there is bound to be something that you can both enjoy. Head to F.A.C.T on a Monday and tickets are only £7. For students, there’s a discount on everyday to keep it nice and cheap.

There’s also the Everyman theatre that host a wide variety of shows and offer discounts to students. The same go for the Philharmonic, especially for John Moores’ University.


2. If you’re a chatty, chilled person wanting to actually talk to your date with no interruptions, then why not go for coffee?

One of Liverpool’s highlights is LEAF. Specialists in hot drinks, they often have live music playing or even their Spotify playlists, which you can add to. They also host plenty of different events. At Christmas, they hosted a showing of Elf, which was a roaring success. LEAF isn’t the only unique coffee shop. Bold Street Coffee, Love Thy Neighbour and Soul Cafe are all in the city centre and are all just as unique.

3. If you’re looking to spend next to no more though, Liverpool isn’t short of beautiful scenes. Head down to the Albert Docks and gaze over the River Mersey.

You’ll be able to see our famous Liver Birds and there’s a whole host of free museums near by. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the city. If your inner child wants to jump out, there’s a super sweetshop – Quay Confectionary, filled with all childhood favourites.



4. Down on the docks you can also visit the Tate, the Beatles Story and the Liverpool museum.

The prices of these museums vary from free entry to a small fee. They’re fun and pass the time though, and definitely show why Liverpool is such a great place.

5. The Cavern Club, where the Beatles made their debut is still open for guests to grab a drink.

The city is equally rich with the history that the docks flaunt. A place to impress any date would be the home of perhaps the biggest band to exist. The walls are covered in the ink of visitors from years gone by. Adele, Jake Bugg and the Arctic Monkeys have all played there. You can usually be treated to some live music reliving the best days of sixties music and all time classics. Mathew Street where the Cavern is based is filled with plenty of different bars and sights to behold.

6. Just recently the Baltic Triangle was named the coolest place to live by The Times.

It’s fair to say Scousers knew this already. Prone to varied gin festivals, hidden gems of outdoor beer gardens and clubs, The Baltic Triangle will impress anyone. Have a quick search of events going on just before your date, and you’re bound to find something.


7. Speaking of the Baltic Triangle, its latest attraction Ghetto Golf is gathering daters in droves.

Ghetto Golf, a fab mix of crazy golf, cocktails, street food and DJs is unique, special and will be a date to remember.

8. It’s not the only crazy golf course Liverpool has to offer. One that is more city centre based and some people swear by, is Jungle Rumble.

Situated in Liverpool One, it does student deals and you can complete the course with alcohol in tow.



9. A five minute walk from the city centre is Liverpool Nerf Centre and next door to it, Paintball Centre.

With deals for students meaning a one hour session can cost only £10, the more adventurous date can be far from ordinary and won’t bore you either.

10. A ferry over the water can set the mood nicely and bring out your inner sailor.

It’s a sure fire way to impress as you casually point out the sights Liverpool has to offer. It’ll cost you only £8.50 to be able to highlight just how good the city is to your date, and why not sneak in some facts. Harry Potter was filmed here! Tom Hardy was here only last week!

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11. Alcohol is a perfect date in many people’s eye and fortunately Liverpool caters for its students’ tastes well.

Cava is a £1 shot with all sort of flavours and if you want to flaunt just how well you can handle the drink, there’s a chilli shot option. If it eases those nervous flutters, then it’s the way forward. A Wetherspoons is just around the corner so you can head there when the shots are getting too much.

12. Also in Concert Square, you’ll find Revolution.

There’s currently three in Liverpool. With two for one cocktails to die for, a lush menu and great music it’s an easy starting place. Just make sure you have the revs card – the discounts will make your visit cheap. If you’re lucky, they’ll also be hosting a quiz. The quizzes are a laugh with the prizes being pretty good. Who knows, you could win a bottle of vodka for the two of you!

13. If you’re both football fans (and even if they’re not) students are able to get tickets to either a Liverpool or Everton match for only around £15.

The intense rivalry and the stadiums make Liverpool’s culture so rich and it creates an exhilarating atmosphere. It’ll certainly be something to remember.


14. Who says you have to do a lot anyway? There’s plenty of green space in Liverpool.

Sefton Park is beautiful – just grab some basics from the nearest supermarket and have a picnic date. You could easily spend the afternoon there as the weather warms up and the days get brighter.

15. There are beaches nearby too.

Hop on a train to Crosby which will only take half an hour and cost for a return in the region of £4. A day trip to the beach in England may not be the warmest, but it’ll be nice and chilled.

So there are 15 date ideas in Liverpool. They’re cheap, fun and what makes it even better is that Liverpool has plenty more to offer.

What are your favorite date ideas near Liverpool John Moores University? Comment below!
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