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10 Cheap Festival Makeup Essentials You Need This Season

10 Cheap Festival Makeup Essentials You Need This Season

Cheap festival makeup essentials like festival glitter, face gems, temporary tattoos, highlighters and lip toppers are must haves for this summer season.

Festival season is fast approaching and more and more shops are catering to a festival look. Glitter and bright colours are in store for anyone attending any up and coming festivals and here I’ve compiled the ultimate list to finding the best products for the best prices. Take a look at these cheap festival makeup essentials!

Metallic Glitter Hair Kit

Primark currently has a fantastic range of make up at a super low cost and for festival wear it’s the perfect place to shop. This set of three hair glitters is perfect for a weekend of glitter and drink, maybe your hair is getting a little greasy and you can’t be bothered to queue for a shower, then just throw a bit of glitter into your roots and you’re good to go! Plus, the super low cost means if you do accidentally lose a pot or three then they’re easily replaceable.

Eylure Enchanted Strip Lashes in Heart Breaker

Eyelashes are a festival staple. You want everything to be bigger and more bombshell than your everyday life, that’s festival life. These eyelashes are just that, they’re long and flowy and perfect for a festival day of fun.


Rimmel Ink Me Up Liquid Eye and Body Liner in Golden Gang

For when black is boring and you want to mix it up for the wild weekend ahead. This gold eyeliner is also being sold as a body liner so could be used to create some temporary tattoos or intricate face designs that are that little bit different.

Barry M Face Festival Gems

Face gems are already a style on the nightclub scene, which means they’re only going to be bigger and better in this years festival scene. From researching companies who make face gems, these ones by Barry M seem like the best option for your money. Barry M does also offer these jewels in different patterns and colours so you should be able to find something to suit for the festival weekend.


Boob Jewels by The Gypsy Shrine

Maybe you’ve already explored the face jewel avenue and want something a little extra? The Gypsy Shrine have an answer for you, offering boob jewels which are essentially bejewelled nipple covers which could sparkle through mesh or maybe work as protectors from accidental nip slips. These jewels are more expensive, but then again you only want the best for your girls, right?

Barry M Holographic Lip Topper in Spellbound

These amazing lip toppers work both on their own and also with lipstick underneath. The formula is incredibly long lasting whilst the sheen is perfectly holographic to create that modern alien look that is very fashionable and very chic. These lip toppers are available in four colours: Spellbound, which has mostly pale pink and silver tones. Wizard, which has blue and purple tones. Mermaid, which is a much deeper and heavier pink. Hex, which is a deep plum tone. They’re fantastic value for money and would look amazing any day of the week. This is one of the cheap festival makeup essentials that is easy to keep in your purse for a touch up.


The Gypsy Shrine X Maybelline Midnight Euphoria Glitter

This glitter is chunky. It has fantastic shapes and shards in different colours that all blend nicely with silver. Fine glitter is fabulous for a club or a bar, but for a festival it has to be stepped up and this thick glitter is where festivals are now. The shards will sparkle on your cheekbones and showcase your alien/mermaid look in a way that fine glitter would never have been able to.

I Heart Revolution Dragon’s Heart Highlighter

Highlighter: it’s huge at the moment both at festivals and in normal makeup. But this highlighter by I Heart Revolution is just your perfect companion for the festival season. Rather than sticking to traditional shined skin toned, this company has gone for pinks and yellows to complement the sun and maybe your tanning skin. This is a highlight to be seen.

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Rimmel Ink Me Up Tattoos in Gold and Black

Maybe tattoos are your thing, but only for the weekend before you have to go back to work. If so then these gold and black tattoos by Rimmel are perfect. They work the same as the temporary tattoos you had as a child, except these ones are geometric and shiny and not the Powerpuff girls. They can be applied to any part of your body and can add that little extra sparkle to your festival look.


Mua Festival Kit in Shout it Out

Maybe for you all of these individual products are too much and you just one simple package with all of the essentials that you can rock for the weekend. Then MUA have answered your prayers and come up with their Festival Kit. This kit includes an eyeshadow palette with some sparkle, a holographic highlight, a lip kit and a four in one brush for the whole kit. This is one of the best cheap festival makeup essentials all in one!

Which of these cheap festival makeup essentials are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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