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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near The University Of South Wales

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near The University Of South Wales

There are so many cheap and fun date ideas near the University of South Wales that are romantic without breaking our uni student budget.

Being a student is not a luxurious lifestyle. Everyone knows this. But don’t let your drooping financial status hinder you from romancing your partner! There are so many date ideas near the University of South Wales, especially as we are next to the bustling city of Cardiff, that are fun and romantic and yet they do not break the bank. Who knew, right?!

1. See a new movie at Premiere Cinema.

This is a great spot for the classic date of going to the cinema except on a tight budget. This cinema is renowned in Cardiff for being one of the cheapest around with £4 tickets, all-day every-day (and £3 if you are a student- bonus!). Going to watch a new movie has never been more stress-free as there are no depressing glances at your bank account wondering where the hell all the money went.

2. Explore the Treforest Campus Grounds.

If you live in halls at Treforest, do not think that you are missing much as you are not based in Cardiff. As a simple date with your partner, why not sit on one of the numerous benches on the Treforest campus that overlooks the gorgeous natural landscape (which is especially beautiful in sunlight!). This date is sure to have no expenses and make you both swoon with delight.


3. Have a pint and play pool at the Randy Dragon Inn.

The Randy Dragon Inn is the on-sight pub for students at Treforest campus where a cheap drink in a friendly atmosphere is always on the table! Make use of the pool-tables or simply relax with a pint-in-hand; either way, the sure student-prices makes this an easy place for a date on a budget!

4. Relax at Bute Park.

Bute Park is a large space in Cardiff reserved for abundant greenery and wildlife. Taking a stroll through its winding passages is absolutely free and gives you the opportunity to gaze at what nature has to offer. An assortment of trees and wildflowers to inspire you, grasslands to relax upon the lap of your partner I and even a war memorial inspire by Grecian architecture- it doesn’t get more beautiful than that!

5. Walk along the waves at Barry Island.

Barry Island is a popular destination and is only a short train-ride or drive away from Cardiff’s centre. There is not a single girl out there who would hate going to the beach and it isn’t about to stop now! Stroll beside the waves as they roll onto shore or sit in the sand and admire the sunset, the possibilities are endless. Just be careful that a cyclone of romance doesn’t sweep you off of the shore!



6. Go for a coffee!

Who doesn’t love a classic coffee date? Dates revolving around hot drinks have existed since even the Victorian era whereby young men would court their ladies over a pot of tea. Now, we have an array of coffee outlets and boutiques that provide a relaxing setting to get to know each other a little better and the Ty Crawshay café on Treforest campus is one of them!

7. Jump all over the place at Go Air Trampoline Park.

If you both have more of an active nature, Cardiff has its very own trampoline park where you can jump until your heart’s content. They also provide other activities such as dodgeball and parkour which is sure to get your blood pumping. They will supply the adrenaline and you supply the smiles, it’s a win-win.


8. Skate at Ramp World!

Ramp World is definitely a place for those who love skating, scootering or even BMX-ing. It provides a wooden complex of ramps, foam pits, box jumps and wall-rides to make sure that there is something to suit every skating interest. And if you don’t like to skate, you can simply observe in a friendly environment, enjoy the music and watch hilarious failed stunts or marvel at the victorious ones. You will never be bored.

9. Explore The National Museum.

The National Museum in Cardiff provides free exhibitions from a variety of backgrounds including art, history and geology which is sure satisfy any interest. Its beautiful architecture astounds tourists and residents alike and it looks even better on the inside. It’s free, it’s different, give it a try!

10. Have dinner and drinks at The Woodville Pub.

This pub is situated in the hub of student-filled Cathays in Cardiff and if you are looking for a cheap meal in a quirky and rustic setting, this is the place! Two meals for £8 is not a bank-breaker and they hold various promotional nights in the week including the infamous pub quizzes on Thursday and the Monday Quids-In which provides drinks from 7pm between £1 and £2- it does not get any cheaper than that!

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11. Tour Cardiff Castle.

Cardiff Castle is as close as you can get to a royal palace without travelling to London. Its massive structure inspires those who loves history and its lavish interior shakes the hearts of all those who love extravagant elegance. With tours at £3, it is a sure-fire way to explore Welsh history and kill some time if you need it!


12. Stay in with a movie!

What is wrong these days with the classic date of watching a new movie? Whether it’s in private accommodation or student halls, this is always the way to ensure snuggling, popcorn and a cheap thrill. It is the most classic of all date ideas near The University of South Wales. Buy the new horror film that has just come out and watch your partner hide behind their pillow or insist on the recent romantic drama the watch in anticipation if your partner will cry. It is classic, it’s tradition and there is never a dull moment when it contains a bedroom!

13. Hike Caerphilly Mountain!

If you love nature and love walking, why not try the Caerphilly Mountain. You can either admire the view from the bottom or master the courage to take one of its many nature trails to the top. It ensures laboured breathing, heavy panting and even the odd moan or two, just in a very different setting! Nonetheless the mountain is a great way to be active and try something new with your partner.

14. Have cheap drinks at The Live Lounge.

The Live Lounge is a very prestigious bar in Cardiff that provides live music and entertainment all-day, every-day. They have student deals from Sunday to Wednesday where you can have £1 drinks in their happy hours whilst rocking out in the make-shift mosh-pit at front of a live band.


15. Go for a cruise on Daffodil’s Open Boat.

Cardiff Bay is a prestigious area of Cardiff as it overlooks a vast expanse of water. It is the envy of most coast-lines due to its modern style but when there, don’t just admire the water, sail on it! Daffodil’s Open Boat has an open top making it perfect for a cruise along the Bay and at £3 per ticket you can’t go wrong in lapping up the romance whilst admiring the almost-coastal views.

What are your favorite date ideas near The University of South Wales? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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