15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near The University Of Huddersfield

As a university student you probably aren’t the richest person in the world, especially when most of your money is spent on nights out and food. So when it comes to dates, you may become that person that wants to give your partner the world but can only afford to buy them a Maccies using the £1.99 vouchers. Keep reading for 15 cheap and fun date ideas near The University of Huddersfield that will go down a charm with your date!

1. Dinner and drinks at Revs!

If you’re a student at the uni of Hudds you probably know about Revs and have at least one friend who is in there at least three times a week. Ideally known for seeing dates, uni lunch breaks and groups of girls out for 4pm cocktails. With a mouth watering selection of food (especially when drunk) and two for one cocktails with a revs card where can you go wrong? For a bonus take your date on a Monday for HALF PRICE on the ENTIRE MENU. A fun time with good food, good company and the option to get tipsy together at the same time. Brilliant!



2. Picnic at Greenhead Park.

For those who are probably in their overdraft or just enjoy the company of nature and want a relaxing time with their date, a picnic in Greenhead park hits just the spot! Nothing is easier than collecting a meal deal at the student union or creating your own homemade picnic (for those who want to go all out and be romantic to the max). The park is only a short walk away from the uni and is guaranteed to create a perfect date for those on a budget.



3. Spend the day in Leeds!

Okay so Huddersfield may not be the biggest and exciting place in the UK so planning a fun and exciting date may be tricky when you want to have full trip out with your date. But with Leeds on your doorstep why not get a cheap train ticket and spend the day walking around the town, grabbing some lunch and letting her run free into Victoria’s Secret, where can you go wrong?



4. Head to The Warehouse.

Simple. Good food at cheap prices, great environment and being able to purchase a pitcher of Sex on the Beach to yourself without getting a second look from your date or anyone else. Fabulous!



5. Ice Stone Gelato makes for the perfect dessert!

Dessert heaven at its finest. With decent prices why not treat your date to a delicious hot Nutella waffle and have her begging for another date (or for more food).


6. Casual cup of tea at The Northern Tea house.

For a nice, chatty and cosy date during the day why not try a casual date at the Northern Tea House? It’s one of the most relaxing date ideas near The University of Huddersfield. The place has a beautiful vintage vibe with healthy foods that are most certainly made with love and a variety of different flavoured teas, guaranteed to create a chilled out date at a reasonable price.



7. The cinema – an oldie but a goodie.

Perfect for when it’s too soon to ask about Netflix and chill but you still want to cuddle and have some intimacy with bae. This is a classic date, but although this can be expensive, remember you’re both students so you shouldn’t expect the guy to pay for you, split the price!

8. Dixons Ice cream is the best!

As soon as it hits summer and some form of sunshine and warmth hits Hudds, Dixons is a go to for a small and cute date within Huddersfield, because hey – who doesn’t love ice cream right? This is easily the most delicious of all date ideas near The University of Huddersfield!


Dixon's Ice Cream is one of the best date ideas near The University of Huddersfield!

9. A chilled walk up to Castle Hill.

You can never go wrong with a walk, especially in Huddersfield where you’re surrounded by fields and places to explore. Castle hill is a classic place in hudds where everybody has at least visited once and is only a 45-minute walk away (which you can’t complain about since it’s free). The area is simply beautiful, with it giving you a breath taking view of Huddersfield and other surrounding towns. Castle Hill will most definitely be a fun and adorable date to consider.

10. A Tokes Wednesday for party couples taking it to the next level.

Okay so imagine both you and your date are having a couple of drinks, getting slightly tipsy and some how end up on in the r&b room at tokes smashed out of your face having the time of your life at that point in time. Reality of this happening? Extremely realistic! Tokes = 90p entry and drinks on a Wednesday so a late night decision for a cheeky night out together can be done!



11. Netflix and takeaway for a lazy night in!

Nothing screams adorable intimacy and romance than a cuddly night in watching a film with your bae. Squishing together the sofas in the kitchen and creating a bed, ordering a takeaway and curling up in your duvet together guarantees a cute date that both of you will enjoy for an affordable price.


12. Take pictures at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Now everybody has probably already seen the entirety of the sculpture park through the eyes of somebody’s Snapchat story, but regardless of that, visiting the park with your date is a fun and interesting day out, especially if you are both a fan of bizarre art and Instagram worthy snaps.



13. The Lawrence Batley Theatre

For couples into chilled nights and enjoy the theatre, this may be a good idea for a cosy date, just grab a cider, sit down and watch a local play or cry laughing at a comedy night in the arms of your loved one. Sorted!


14. For a fun festive date try a Christmas Market!

Close by is Leeds’ German Christmas Market which is a cute place to take a date and for a small train ticket price, what a way to feel extremely Christmassy, wrapping up warm and spending the night grabbing a drink and interesting food, gazing upon the traditional Christmas market stalls and spending it with your partner.


15. A cheeky (sorry it had to be done) Nandos.

Okay, let’s be honest when would you not take your date to Nandos? Regardless the food is great and is an exciting treat for both you and your date – obviously it’s loved by the nation for a reason!

What are your favorite date ideas near The University of Huddersfield? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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