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12 Celebs Over 50 That Look SO Good For Their Age

12 Celebs Over 50 That Look SO Good For Their Age

Check out our pick for the celebrities over 50 who look great for their age. Here is our list of the 12 famous actor and actresses over 50 who have aged gracefully!

These 12 celebs over 50 seem to hold the secret to youthful, timeless features, proving that age is merely just a number. There is one question on everyone’s lips:  what is their secret? This list includes both men and women who seem to just get better and better with age, such as Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and, Brad Pitt.

Although she is 49, the first person that came to my mind after reading the title of this article was Jennifer Anniston. She may not be a part of the celebs over 50, however, I thought it was only right to mention her as she looks incredible for her age.

1. Halle Berry (51)

Halle Berry still looks just as striking as she did in her ‘Catwoman’ days. Born in 1966, I think we can all agree that she looks amazing. Pictured here at the Golden Globes in 2018, Halle’s minimal, dewy makeup, glowing skin and swept fringe highlights her youthful features.


2. John Stamos (54)

An American actor, producer, musician and singer, John Stamos really is a triple threat. Seen here with his fiancee, Caitlin Mchugh, at the SAG awards in 2018, Stamos exudes effortless style with his aviator sunglasses and matching navy suit.

3. Sandra Bullock (53)

Best-known for her roles in films such as The Proposal and The Heat (one of my personal faves). Sandra Bullock blew everyone away with her dazzling dress at the Oscars in 2018. Her brushed eyebrows and high neckline allowed for a simply stunning and youthful look.

4. Robert Downey Jr. (53)

Robert Downey Jr. is probably one of the most notable celebs over 50 in the blockbuster industry. Despite playing the stressful and all-consuming roles of Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man in the new ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, the actor has maintained his good looks and youthful appearance.


5. George Clooney (57)

I can hardly believe that George Clooney is over 55! In his time as an actor, Clooney has received three Golden Globe awards and two Academy Awards. Seen here at the Royal Wedding in 2018 uniting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Clooney beams alongside his wife, Amal Clooney. Amal herself was even named as the “best dressed at the royal wedding” by Vogue Australia.

6. Colin Firth (57)

 The original Mr. Darcy, Colin Firth is an English Actor who was made famous in his roles in Pride and Prejudice and Mamma Mia! to name just a few. Pictured here with his wife, Livia Giugglioli, at the 2018 premiere of ‘The Mercy’. Colin’s large-framed glasses and tailored suit keeps him both fashionable and youthful.

7. Elizabeth Hurley (52)

 I know, I know, I couldn’t believe this one either. Elizabeth Hurley, more generally known as Liz Hurley, is an English actress and model and has long been associated with the cosmetics company Estee Lauder. Pictured here in 2017, Hurley is a vision in her red dress and simple eye makeup.


8. Brad Pitt (54)

Brad Pitt is known as much for his versatility as he is for his handsome face. Seen in films such as Fight Club and Fury, Pitt has received multiple awards for his acting career. Despite having his divorce in the public eye for the majority of last year, Pitt doesn’t seem to show any signs of stress and his youthful features were glowing at the pre-Oscar party in March 2018.

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9. Courteney Cox (53)

Best known for her role as Monica in the famed television series, Friends, Courteney Cox is an American actress and producer. After having cosmetic surgery and facing huge criticism from it, Cox had her fillers dissolved recently and stated: “I’m as natural as I can be.” She now wishes to grow old gracefully, and she certainly looks so much more natural and youthful without all the fillers.


10. Johnny Depp (54)

The face behind the famous Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp’s unusual but striking features give him a well-deserved position on this list.

11. Emma Thompson (59)

The oldest on this list, Emma Thompson’s youthful features all come down to her beaming smile. Thompson is best known for her portrayals of enigmatic women, often in period dramas and literary adaptations. Seen here at the London Film Festival in 2017, Thompson’s brightly coloured jacket and red lipstick brighten up her gorgeous features.

12. Julianne Moore (57)

Lastly, but certainly not least. Julianne Moore’s age is unbelievable. Pictured here in Paris Fashion Week (2017), Moore’s stunning dress simply highlights her vibrant hair. The makeup here also accentuates her youthful face, as the light eye-makeup and nude lip allow her face to do all the talking.


Do you agree with our list of good looking celebs over 50? Let us know in the comments section below!

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