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7 Celebrity Vacation Homes We Wish We Could have

7 Celebrity Vacation Homes We Wish We Could have

Some of these beautiful celebrity vacation homes are incredible and I don't know why we are obsessed with looking at things we cannot afford.

We seem to be obsessed with celebrity vacation homes, and the hope that one day we will be able to afford something like this! Our favourite celebrities have holiday homes all over the world and some of them are lucky enough to have their own islands! How incredible it must be to one day decide that you are going shopping for your own island? The following 7 celebrity homes show us just how wonderfully the other half live – we can all dream that one day we could atleast visit a home like this!  

1. George Clooney 

Our favourite Hollywood daddy has lived in his stunning lakeside Villa Oleandra in Laglio in Lake Como for the past 17 years! George chose the destination because it was relatively quiet before the superstar moved in for his summer holidays. But the lake now tends to be overrun by paparazzi when they know that George and his celebrity friends will be there for a few days. If you fancy taking a trip to Lake Como, you may get a glimpse of George from his speedboat speeding across the lake!  

7 Celebrity Vacation Homes We Wish We Could Have


2. Taylor Swift  

Hollywood’s favourite country girl turned pop star has to be included on the list. Her infamous Rhode Island beachfront property which has its own beach has hosted many celeb gatherings on its beachfront. It was the location for the career-changing Tom Hiddleston declaration of love for Swifty, which apparently lost him his role as the next James Bond. The beach front property has hosted incredible parties for members of her squad like Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez and Blake Lively.  

3. Richard Branson  

The most impressive one on the list has to be Branson’s own private island in the British Virgin Islands! The incredible island has had every famous face in Hollywood worth knowing at the island to stay. It even boasts a toilet which you can sit on obscured from view and look out the ocean, from your outdoor toilet. I don’t think I would give that a try, but Branson seems to be proud of this quirky feature as I had to include this part. It is included all the time whenever anyone mentions Necker Island. Members of the public can go and stay at Necker Island in the public resort for a hefty fee of roughly £4,000 a night!  

7 Celebrity Vacation Homes We Wish We Could have


4. Will Smith

Everyone’s favourite funny man has a holiday home in Kauai, Hawaii! The property has its own zigzagged path leading down to the beach! So, the Smith family can go to the beach unbothered by their legions of fans! The house also boasts a 50-foot long swimming pool, orchard with fruit trees and their own tennis courts. This superstar family needs this space to come and just be awesome in their private luxury beach home. I wish the Smith’s would adopt me so I could lounge around in their huge pool.  

5. Martha Stewart

Her Maine hideout overlooking Seal Harbour is her main party destination! She hosts everyone in Hollywood from Blake Lively (popping up again on our list) to Snoop Dogg. The legendary parties are on her terrace and sometimes even included in her magazine. The property has a 60-feet long living room so she can have all her fabulous friends over at once. A party at Martha’s house sounds like a dream, all the food you could imagine and it would be incredible, Snoop cracking jokes and Blake’s husband destroying everyone in the room.  

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6. The Beckhams

Our second famous family on the list! Their holiday home keeps with their British roots and is based in the beautiful Cotswolds. The property boasts 9 bedrooms which they need for if they want her children and the spice girls all spending the night at the property! It is on the door step of the Cotswolds most glamorous celebrity spot, the Soho Farmhouse. If you want to spot any celebrities or royalty that is the perfect spot, but you just need to time it right, otherwise your expensive meal will be for nothing.  

7. Our Queen

The Queen spends several weeks at her holiday home Balmoral Castle in Scotland, every summer. She uses the castle as a place to have an escape away from the hecticness of London. We can only imagine how wonderful the trips are to Scotland.

7 Celebrity Vacation Homes We Wish We Could have


If you know of any cool, quirky celebrity vacation homes that are different than the ordinary, mention them in the comments. Help us fuel our obsession with knowing where our favourite celebrities holiday – If only someone could tell me where Rami Malek goes on holiday!

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