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9 Celebrity Pranks To Inspire Your Inner Trickster

9 Celebrity Pranks To Inspire Your Inner Trickster

Celebrity pranks just show how bored they get from time to time, but all the better for us! Here are 9 celebrity pranks to inspire your future plans.

We all love a prank: what is better than causing a little bit of chaos but all in the name of fun?  But where should we get our inspiration from?  Well as the saying goes: “celebrities: they’re just like us.”  So where better to get our ideas from?  Here are 9 celebrity pranks to inspire your inner trickster.

1. Statues

Known for pulling all kinds of pranks on all sort of celebs, Corden’s most recent prank involved none other than infamous ex-footballer David Beckham.  Just days before a commemorative statue of Beckham was to be revealed to the world, Corden fabricated a private showing of a fake statue.  The video of Beckham’s silent rage can be found on YouTube.

9 Celebrity Pranks To Inspire Your Inner Trickster

2. Sex dolls

On the set of the film ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Channing Tatum filled costar Taron Egerton’s trailer with 20 plastic sex dolls in revenge to Egerton putting a mannequin in Tatum’s bed.  Egerton then went onto explain that the dolls stayed there for a while and he just had to “wade” through them to get to where he needed to be.


3. Fake fans

One of the most meme-able and known but also small pranks was between Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill.  When DiCaprio saw Hill, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to run up to him and act like an excited and photo-happy fan.  Needless to say, Hill was very happy when it turned out to just be his friend.

9 Celebrity Pranks To Inspire Your Inner Trickster

4. Deadheads

‘Game of Thrones’ is arguably on elf the biggest shows out there at the moment, so when Kit Harrington decided to prank co-star and wife Rose Leslie it was bound to go viral.  Harrington placed a fake severed Jon Snow head in the fridge and then proceeded to film Leslie’s reaction for the world to see.  I don’t know about you, but I think if I saw my fiancee’s head in a fridge I’d be scared too.


5. Farts (of course)

Harry Potter is known and loved all over the world, and so is the scene when all of the students are sleeping in the great hall after a security scare in the castle.  During the silence and while Dumbledore and Snape are talking the actors Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman placed a farting machine positioned to make it seem as though the cause of the noise was Daniel Radcliffe.  Ah, pranks really do have to go back to farts don’t they.

6. Sisterly love

When Bella Hadid went to talk to BBC Radio 1 she was told there was a very excited fan on the phone to talk to her and ask for advice about getting into the modelling industry.  Bella of course spoke and was flattered by this fan, to later find out that it was simply her older sister, Gigi.

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7. Singing impersonator? Or not?

Adele once dressed up to surprise Adele impersonators who were all performing as her.  She revealed her true identity only when she began to sing, and the auditionees realised that it was, in fact, their idol who was singing to them.  As you can imagine, there were a lot of tears.

8. “I’m pregnant!”

Kendall Jenner once prank called her sister Kim Kardashian to tell her that she was pregnant. However, instead of showing congratulations, Kim simply said that she didn’t have time to deal with all this drama now. She added that if Jenner really wanted to know what life with children was like, she could babysit her own children.

9 Celebrity Pranks To Inspire Your Inner Trickster


9. Old memories

On the set of ‘We’re the Millers’, Jennifer Aniston wasn’t quite expecting it when instead of another song being played it was the theme song from the hit show ‘Friends’ that she was a lead on.  In the video footage, you see the gradual dissolving into laughter that occurs.

So there are 9 celebrity pranks to inspire your inner trickster, so watch out!  It’s possible that you’re not the only person who’s read this article.

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