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10 Must Visit Celebrity Hangouts In London

10 Must Visit Celebrity Hangouts In London

Whether you're looking to catch a glimpse of your favorite celeb or just trying to feel famous for a night, check out these celebrity hangouts in London!

London is full of A-List celebrities, but trying to find them in the middle of a bustling city can be difficult. Celebrity spotting can be really fun –especially if you spot one that you love! But other times it’s just nice to just feel like you’re an A-list celeb yourself, fighting off the paparazzi as you strut your way into a swanky London restaurant. So, if you are celeb-spotting or just want to feel famous for a night, check out these 10 celebrity hangouts in London.

1. Chiltern Firehouse

Perhaps the most famous celebrity hotspot in London is in Marylebone. With the likes of Cara Delevigne, Amy Schumer, and Sienna Miller having graced the walls of this renowned restaurant, it is no surprise that this place is well-known in celeb land. Not only is it great for celeb hunting, it also serves great food from brunch to dinner; or why not try their ‘Family Style’ menu and bring along seven or more of your friends?



2. Quaglino’s

Famous brasserie-style restaurant Quaglio’s is based in the heart of St. James! With their upmarket décor and live acts, it is no surprise that it attracts the likes of Angelina Jolie (my fav), model Candice Swanepoel and British singer, Pixie Lott! They have so many different events, from cocktail tastings to exclusive parties that you are bound to spot at least one celebrity on your visit!


3. The Ivy

ATTENTION ALL ANGLOPHILES! In March 2017, The Queen of freakin’ England visited The Ivy in Covent Garden! If that isn’t good enough to make it a celebrity/monarch hotspot I don’t even know what is! Other than that, many other celebs such as David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn Beckham and singer/actress Kylie Minogue have eaten in this fabulous restaurant. P.S. If you go, make sure you try the Shepherds Pie – It’s an Ivy classic!



4. Nobu

An international star, it is no surprise that so many celebrities have visited this amazing restaurant in Berkeley Street. From Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez’s girly dinner dates to after-show visits from Kelsea Ballerini, Nobu clearly is a celeb crowd-pleaser! My two fav things on the menu are the yellowtail sashimi (ask for some truffle on it) and the tuna crispy rise – It’s incredible!

5. Yauatcha

Specialising in contemporary dim sum, you can find this top-of-the-range restaurant in Soho! This little gem seems to be a hit with Hollywood actors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jonah Hill. Boy, would I love to go to dinner with those three! As well as some dim-sum classics, Yauatcha also has some quirky dishes; so why not try the baked venison puff or truffle pork belly rib.



6. Paper Soho

A hugely popular club in the 90s and has just recently reopened, Paper is back with a bang! Popular amongst A list stars such as Beyonce, Jay-z and P.Diddy back in the day, it is no shock that Paper is the 2017 club to be at! Already, at the launch and other events it has welcomed the likes of Canadian star, Drake, Asap Rocky and British girl band – Little Mix! I just hope the drink prices are worth it!



7. Sketch

Whether you want to dine with pop-sensation Taylor Swift, or have a chilled catch up with your girls Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner – Sketch has already done it. Based in Mayfair, this 18th Century townhouse transforms from a tearoom into a cocktail lounge, pretty snazzy, eh? Make sure to snap a selfie in the toilets… I won’t tell you why…it can be a surprise!


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8. Sexy Fish

Swanky fish and raw-bar, Sexy Fish is crawling with celebrities! From their sultry cocktails to their ‘stellar line up of music’, it is no wonder that the paps have caught the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Ciara and Jennifer Lawrence here! Whether it is because you’re craving expensive Asian food or it’s because you want to see how many selfies you can take with celebrities in the back, I won’t blame you if you head to Sexy Fish right now!


9. Shoreditch House

Across town in one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London is Shoreditch House. Home to the artistes and hipsters of town, Shoreditch is just a cool place to hang out in, so, AGAIN, not a big shock that it’s a go-to for celebs! Shoreditch House, a members-only club with bedrooms, is the perfect place to mingle, work in the day and play ping pong at night, then have a drink on the rooftop bar! This isn’t any type of membership though, Shoreditch House aims to bring together similar minded people who are in creative industries, so maybe this is where you’ll finally get to meet Anna Kendrick, Will.I.Am, Harry Styles & Ed Sheeran, who are all members!


10. Tape London

Clubbing, clubbing, clubbing! If there is one thing celebrities like to do, it is spend their money on alcohol and listen to their own songs; this is probably why Tape London is popular amongst singers like Justin Bieber! Although, as if one Canadian wasn’t enough, Drake is also a fan of this swanky London club; it seems he likes the London clubbing scene! Or, if you’re a fan of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, try and see if you can find Karlie Kloss, she’ll be in there somewhere!


These are 10 of the best celebrity hangouts in London. Let us know who you spotted in the comment section below!
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