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Celebrity Fitness IG Pics That’ll Motivate You To Exercise

Celebrity Fitness IG Pics That’ll Motivate You To Exercise

Celebrity Fitness IG Pics That'll Motivate You To Exercise

Although it has been scientifically proven that working out makes us feel happier due to the release of the ‘happy’ hormone endorphins, culturally, it is somewhat still considered to be some sort of myth. In that case, we thought we’d try a different approach to proving to you that working out and exercise does make us all feel better and more likely to feel like smiling! Here, we’ve put together a compilation of pictures showing celebrities who love working out, and we hope this will motivate you to do the same also!

Venus Williams

Tennis player Venus Williams is seen here at a Spinning class looking full of energy and smiles – she is spinning her way to happiness! Spinning is a great way to burn calories super fast, its an intense form of cardio and well get your heartbeat up in seconds and a smile on your face in no time.

Lea Michele

Actress Lea Michele looks rather happy with herself at a spinning class. Spinning is a complete body workout – it tones and slims down your arms, legs and midriff section. It’s great to listen to music when you’re in a spinning class for that extra motivation and push and to work out with others too to help keep your motivational levels up at all times.


Bar Refaeli

Model Bar Refaeli proves that working out makes you smile, as she’s seen holding onto the TRX trainer whilst pulling a silly face mid-workout. The TRX trainer is great for cardio and strength training and engages your entire body in the workout making for a great all rounded exercise type.

Demi Lovato

US Singer Demi Lovato is seen pushing some weights to build up muscle – and looks happy doing it too! Weight training has multiple health and fitness benefits. Some include: improving posture and reducing back pain, losing body fat and enhancing mood and reducing stress. Starting with the lightweights and working your way up to heavier weights is the best, safe and sensible way to build on muscle, and test your fitness levels gradually.

Jessica Alba

US Actress Jessica Alba shows off her post-run smile having done an intense workout on the running machine – go, Jessica, go! Running helps you lose, or maintain weight, strengthens your knees, reduces your risk of cancer and general makes you feel happier and your overall wellbeing is strengthened.

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Kelly Osbourne

The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne is seen here looking beautiful and happy post workout having done a hike in the outdoors. Hiking is a great form of aerobic exercise – good for you Kelly! Hiking boosts your bone density, strengthens your core and improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Kelly Rowland

The former member of Destiny Child Kelly Rowland works on her abs and stomach regularly – here we see how happy Kelly is doing Cross over Sit Ups! Sit-ups boost your overall torso health, increase your flexibility and strengthen your core to the maximum.


Ellie Goulding

From this picture of the famous singer Ellie Goulding, our guess is that she’s just finished off a Boxing session with her personal trainer, and is feeling and looking pretty triumphant. Boxing improves hand-eye coordination, improved body composition, improves total body strength, and enhances cardiovascular health.

Which Celebrities have you seen work out that inspire and motivate you to exercise? Let us know and comment!

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