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Celebrity Fitness Fashion Fix

Celebrity Fitness Fashion Fix

Celebrity Fitness Fashion style can be a source of motivation for looking and feeling good. Check out these Celebrities who wear fitness fashion in true style!

Working out is no excuse for letting your sense of style slip, so make sure your gym bag is fashionably stocked with some of our favourite Celebrity fitness fashion workout looks. From a spinning class to a power walk with pals, any type of exercise is good for the mind, body and soul, but having fashionable workout gear on can make you feel that extra bit better and confident pre work out and during. With this in mind, check out some of our handpicked best looks that prove you really can work up a sweat and burn calories in true style.

Vanessa Hudgens

American Actress Vanessa Hudgens, rocks a workout look that is simple yet stylish. She is seen wearing tight fitted black Nike leggings that accentuate her slim legs and an Adidas Original Rose Print Hoodie with Amberlight Up Rose Wedge Sneakers, adding a touch of femininity to her workout look. Vanessa’s outfit is perfect for a dance class such as Zumba or a circuit training class like Barry’s Bootcamp.

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian keeps her workout look nice and simple with black fitted Nike workout leggings, a simple black vest top and a fitted Nike workout jacket. Kim’s style is perfect for a cardio session or for an intense walk or hikes out and about in the sunshine. Everybody knows wearing black on black is a super slimming look and this is no different for Kim either.

Nicole Scherzinger

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger keeps her workout look relaxed and casual with short fitted black leggings, a tight fitted fuchsia pink vest top, and white running sneakers. This fitness fashion is perfect for a jog, run or hike. It’s also really suitable to wear for a spinning or cycling class or session outdoors.

Rita Ora

Singer Rita Ora keeps her workout style simple, yet still very glamorous! She is seen wearing a black fitted Addidas tracksuit with some comfortable white sneakers and a casual black baseball cap. This gym look is perfect for a group workout class or for a quick power walk/ run in your area. Stretching your quads ( like Nicole is in this picture) is great before a workout to get your leg muscles warm and ready for your exercise ahead.

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez collaborated with Puma back in December to create a celebrity fitness fashion/activewear range. There’s nothing better than being a walking advertisement for your product – literally! Here Selena is seen wearing a black Puma cropped sports bra with puma shorts and white sneakers. Our guess is she’s just finished an intense cardio session or perhaps a gruelling circuit training class. Wearing a crop top and shorts like Selena is particularly appropriate for any exercise that is aerobic – you’ll tend to sweat more in such workouts, so wearing something that can let your body breathe and cool down quickly is a must.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is a walking advertisement for Nike! She’s seen running out and about in the street wearing the Nike brand head to toe. Her sneakers, in particular, the Nike VaporMax Flyknit are all the trend at the moment and anyone who is anyone owns a pair. They’re super comfortable and make for the perfect pair of sneakers when running, walking or just to wear as a super cool fashion piece. Her black Nike leggings are great for running in and for any other sorts of exercise – they’re elasticated at the waist so are still comfortable when twisting or contorting your body during your workout.


Which Celebrities have you noticed who have amazing fitness fashion style that you’d like?

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