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10 Celebrity Fashion Trends You Should Emulate

10 Celebrity Fashion Trends You Should Emulate

Celebrity fashion trends are going to be the perfect thing to pick up on if you want to change your style! Here are the best celebrity looks!

Celebrities always tend to wear very stylish outfits. There are a lot of celebrity fashion icons that we can take inspiration from. Here are 10 celebrity fashion trends you can try an emulate.

Cardi B: casual

Cardi B is always rocking a unique outfit. Below she is wearing an orange coat styled with a navy cropped top. The ripped denim shorts make this outfit an ideal spring-summer outfit. This outfit can be easily copied and worn to for a casual day out with friends. You can purchase a similar orange coat and ripped denim shorts at ASOS.

Cardi B: formal

Cardi B has some very stylish formal outfits too that you must copy. Cardi B recently collaborated with Fashion Nova and released her own clothing line which you need to check out if you haven’t already. One of the outfits she released is a stylish Check the Resume Tweed Matching Set outfit. You can purchase the same outfit from Fashion Nova.


Rihanna: casual

Rihanna is always wearing a cool outfit. One of my favourite stylish casual outfits is an all-white outfit. She wore a white hoodie, white trousers and white boots. This outfit can be easily emulated and worn on a casual day out, especially in the spring. You can purchase a similar white oversized hoodie on Pretty Little Thing. You can purchase a similar pair of white joggers from Miss Guided.

Rihanna: formal

Rihanna always slays and looks stylish at all the events. This bodycon burgundy dress would be a nice dress to wear for a wedding or for a ball. You can copy this look by buying a similar burgundy dress from Pretty Little Thing. Style this dress with a silver necklace and silver heels.


Kylie Jenner: casual

Kylie Jenner tends to have a unique and stylish fashion sense. Kylie Jenner is a celebrity who likes to set fashion trends. Below Kylie is seen wearing a denim jumpsuit styled with a pair of boots. You can emulate this stylish fashion trend by purchasing a similar style from Nasty Gal. You can wear this denim jumpsuit with pair of white trainers or heels.

Kylie Jenner: formal

Kylie remains stylish even during winter. Kyle wore a gold sequence maxi dress for the Kardashian Christmas party in 2018 and even her daughter, Stormi, was matching. Both looked gorgeous. You can copy this look by purchasing a maxi gold dress from ASOS which looks quite similar.

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Kehlani: casual

If you fancy more of a stylish tomboy look then you’ll love this Kehlani outfit. You can copy this style by buying a similar denim jacket from Miss Guided. You can get a pair of ripped black jeans from Boohoo and you can also buy an oversized boyfriend grey t-shirt.

Kehlani: formal

Kehlani looks super stylish wearing this black blazer styled dress below. It’s not too girl but it is still chic. You can emulate this look by buying a similar black dress from Miss Guided. Style this dress with a pair of black heels to complete the look.

Nicki Minaj: casual

Nicki Minaj is known for her bold outfit choices. She wears the sporty look really well in the image below and it is a look you could easily emulate. You can purchase a pair of black and white wet look leggings from ASOS and you can also buy a white cropped blazer from Pretty Little Thing.


Nicki Minaj: formal

We all know that Nicki dresses to impress at all times. You never catch Nicki in a bad outfit. This maxi black dress will be nice for a formal occasion such as a party or wedding. This dress would be best styled with silver accessories and silver heels. You can buy a similar black maxi dress from ASOS.

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