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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Lived In Edinburgh

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Lived In Edinburgh

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Lived In Edinburgh

We follow celebrities everyday on social media and know almost every aspect of their entire lives. They don’t lead a very private life and therefore it can sometimes be very surprising to learn something new and unknown. All the glitz and glamour make us crave every piece of information we can get. These are 10 celebrities you didn’t know lived in Edinburgh.

1. JK Rowling

The very first of the list is probably the most legendary and well know author in the world. Born, Joanne Rowling she is one of the most successful authors in the world and was the creator of the Harry Potter franchise. After moving to Edinburgh in December 1993 to be closer to her sister, she began to seek refuge in cafes in Edinburgh to write her masterpiece and follow her passion of writing.

One of the many examples included the Elephant House. He story is not without its heartache and therefore did not being off as a good one, however with her determination to aim high and battle her depression after being divorced, a single mother and on welfare, she would go on to make history, right within the city of Edinburgh.


2. Chris Hoy

A true representative of Great Britain, Sir Chris Hoy is a competitive cyclist and gold medalist winner who lives currently in Edinburgh. Not does he only grace our city of Edinburgh currently, he was also born here and raised in the Murryfield area. In tracking his education, he also has a BSc Honors in Applied Sports Science from the University of Edinburgh.

What is surprising is that Chris is also married to a lawyer from Edinburgh and together they raise their one child here in this wonderful city. Additionally not many people also know that Chris and his wife Sarra married at the famous St Giles Cathedral located in Edinburgh, the ceremony took place in 2010 and both are still happily married and living in Cheshire England but both plan to move back to Scotland after putting their home up for sale.

3. Sam Houser

One of the co-founders of the infamous GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game, this English mastermind is fairly known for living in Edinburgh. Although he does not currently live here, as he resides in America, he was part of the Rockstar franchise base which is located in Edinburgh. It  has become a large factor in contributing to the brand that is worldwide today and played by millions of GTA gaming players. This video game producer has only had a short stay in our city but his contribution at Rockstar North which still remains, has a beneficial mark left on the city. Even though Sam no longer occupies Edinburgh he was still once a part of it and influential in many ways.


4. Iain Glen

Anyone who has watched Game of Thrones will definitely now this celebrity from a quick shot. Iain Glen was born and raised in the city of Edinburgh and attended the Edinburgh Academy. Since 2011 he has portrayed the character of Ser Jorah Mormont in the HBO Game of thrones TV series. The actor has won various awards and been in both TV and film. Although born in Edinburgh, he no longer lives here. Instead, he has moved in the South end of London in Dulwich with his wife, actress Charlotte Emerson, and daughter.

5. Georgia King

Georgia is an actress and the daughter of the infamous Jonathan Hyde. She has appeared in various movies including: Chalet Girl and Austenland, absolute classics and fan favourites. She grew up wishing to become a director but instead followed in the footsteps of her father and become an actress after meeting her big break in Jane Eyre. Although nowadays Georgia no longer lives in Edinburgh but instead Los Angeles, swapping raining Scotland for sunny California.

6. Robert Cavanah

Being born and raised in Edinburgh, Robert is known for Tv and film roles including the Lara croft franchise ‘Cradle of life’. He is also a writer, director and producer as well as actor. Whilst growing up inEdinburgh, he attended James Gillespie high school. After moving to London,  he graduated from the drama centre London in 1994.


He has starred in various British TV shows including Casualty, The Bill and Waterloo road. He now currently stays in London and is a proud father of two.

7.  Tony Blair

Former prime minister and British monarch, he was born and raised in Edinburgh. From 1997 to 2007 he was the leader of the Labour Party. From a young age he moved and travelled from place to place. His time in the Burgh was short lived and at the age of 18 he attempted to become a rock star promoter. However, this eventually lead the path to becoming involved in politics and later the Prime Minister. Blair currently resides in London with his wife Cherie Booth.



8. Ewen Bremer

Currently still located in Edinburgh at Portobello, Ewen is an actor made famous but the Irvine welsh novel “Trainspotting’ and his portrayal of the character ‘Spud’ in the movie franchise. Since his success he has also been a part of various Hollywood blockbuster films including Pearl Harbor and most recently ‘Wonder Woman’.

9. KT Tunstall

KT has been made most famous for her hit song ‘Black horse and a cherry tree’ and ‘Suddenly I see’. She now currently lives in LA where she continues her work. Recently, she co wrote some of the songs on the 2016 ‘Bad moms’ film.

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10. Greg McHugh

Writer and actor, Greg is most famous for his role is Fresh Meat and Gary: Tank Commander. Born in the 80s he grew up in Morningside of Edinburgh. He also went on to study business at Stirling university.

He is also renown for his short appearances in the famous Scottish comedy ‘Still Game’ and various appearances as a homeless man in Bad Education. His comedy has brought the delightful side of Edinburgh out into the works and still contuses to this day.



So there you have it! Edinburgh is a home to many people including various celebs. You can look out for these people next time you’re in Edinburgh! Either way, if you live in Edinburgh you’ll come to know why it is so great!

Have you spotted any of these celebrities in Edinburgh!? Share in the comments below!

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