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10 Cat GIFs That Represent Every Mood Ever

10 Cat GIFs That Represent Every Mood Ever

Cat gifs are seriously relatable! Take a look at this list of cat gifs that represent every mood ever!

In case you didn’t know, cat gifs are hilarious. They’re fun, relatable, and there’s one to match every mood. However you’re feeling, there’s a cat gif out there somewhere that totally embodies your emotions. We’ve rounded up 10 of the cutest, funniest cat gifs that represent every mood ever! Take a look, you won’t regret it.

1. When Friday night rolls around and you’re so ready…

Sometimes, the weekdays seem to last forever. So when Friday finally comes around, it’s time to whip out the dancing shoes, throw on the fake lashes and get ready to party! Bring on the wine, bring on the weekend!

2. Dragging your friend away from her ex in the club like…

We’ve all been there. Bringing out the tough love when your friend starts literally chasing after the guy that broke her heart. It’s for her own good.


3. When you check your bank balance after a night out knowing full well you bought everybody 10 rounds of tequila…

Ever had one drink on a night out and suddenly everyone’s your best friend? I think we can all relate. While your bank balance may look less than chipper in the morning, somehow you can’t bring yourself to take responsibility for all the money that’s disappeared. Shocked and disappointed.

4. When bae tries to leave…

This has got to be one of the cutest cat gifs ever.

You don’t know what’s come over you, but suddenly you’re super needy and can’t bear the thought of being left on your own. Absolute mood.


5. When you finally finish that 5000-word essay you’ve been working on…

Best. Feeling. Ever. When you hand in the essay that’s been hanging over your head for weeks. You might have failed, but at least it’s over and done with. Pass the Prosecco!

6. When your friend gets back from her date and you’re ready for her to tell all…

I guarantee we’ve all been in this situation at least once during uni. Your pal’s finally been asked out by the guy she’s been speaking to, and now you’re waiting patiently on the sofa for her to get home and spill the beans. Is he boyfriend material? Does he have an Instagram page? We’re about to find out…

If this isn’t a whole mood, I don’t know what is.


7. When the 9 am lecture just isn’t worth it…

That moment when you have to decide whether education is really more important than a lie-in.

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Is there anything worse than a 9 am lecture on a Monday morning? Definitely not, especially when you spent all weekend with a raging hangover and did absolutely none of the reading. The struggle is real.


8. When you realise you’ve blown most of your student loan on takeaways…

There really is no shame in it whatsoever. I mean, what else is a student loan for, right? A girl’s gotta eat.

9. When you use ‘therefore’ once in an essay…

When you’re only 30 words into a 2000-word essay, but it’s okay, because you’ve dropped your first ‘therefore’ in there. You might even add a ‘moreover’ in a minute. You’re well on the way to success and can’t quite believe your own intellectual capacity. They’ll be calling you Einstein soon.

10. Working on that summer body like…

Admit it. We’ve all done it. Texting your friends to say that you’re well into a 2-hour gym session when really you’ve only managed 5 sit-ups and called it a day soon after. Working hard or hardly working?


Which of these cat gifs can you totally relate to? Let us know in the comments!

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