8 Cartoons To Watch When You’re Stoned

There’s no better way to relax after a long day than smoking a little number and watching some TV. Is there anything more fun than falling down onto a bean bag with bleary, bloodshot eyes and giggling away at some hilarious comedy? If there is, someone find it for me and I’ll pump it straight into my veins. For now, I’m left with a roll-up and some cartoons to while away the time. Here’s my top 8 cartoons to watch when stoned.

1) Adventure Time

Take nothing away from Adventure Time whilst sober, because it’s absolutely hilarious, but it’s one of those children’s cartoons that’s become a favourite of stoners everywhere. There are great characters, plots, themes, a wonderful sense of humour and delicious primary colours that look fantastic when your brain is trying to take them all in at once.


2) Big Mouth

Take that increased anxiety and neuroticism courtesy of the devil’s lettuce, and outsource it to the kids in Nick Kroll’s recreation of his own pubescent experience, Big Mouth. Tackling issues relating to adolescence and puberty, Big Mouth is a relatable and funny show that will take you back to some of your less-fond memories of spots, hair in unwanted places and trying to figure out the other gender. What makes Big Mouth ideal for a smoke session is the innovative, surrealist aspect to present the inner workings of the young mind. It’s a fun show with a great heart, and will definitely provide the much-needed giggles.

8 Cartoons To Watch When You’re Stoned

3) Archer

Take James Bond’s arrogance, egotism and disrespect for women, distil it down into a single character, and then plonk him in a spy organisation run by his mother and you’ll have Archer. Archer’s distinct art style makes it an ideal stoner cartoon as everything is a bit weird and wonderful, and the plots will certainly get you laughing.


4) South Park

Need I say more? South Park is one of those cartoons that’s been a mainstay of the stoner community for many years. It will definitely get you laughing, and your brain will also explode at some of the more ridiculous plot lines that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have spent nearly a quarter of a century selling to us.

8 Cartoons To Watch When You’re Stoned


5) Pokemon

Rogue choice, right? The original series of Pokemon is actually so great, following what’s basically the plotline of the original games. It’s another easy-on-the-eye affair and, as the show was designed for kids, it’s fairly easy to follow, even when you’re not feeling so coherent. The opening animation where the it goes from a clip from the game into the show absolutely blew my mind.

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6) Bojack Horseman

Arguably, any show that features talking animals will be a bit prangy when you’re baked, so one where it’s normalised for washed-up animal-actors to be living the high life will be even more surreal. Bojack Horseman is a whole lot of hilarious weird, and is certainly worthy of your time when you’ve had a bit of the ganja.

7) Futurama

It would have been a crime not to include at least one Matt Groening show.

It gets weird when you start watching Futurama whilst baked. Imagine meeting all those alien species you’ve encountered during many happy hours watching this show again, but with your brain in a perpetual state of fight-or-flight. Futurama also has the added benefit of asking your brain the big questions about future and the possibility of cryogenics, a great way to lose yourself in a thought spiral for a few hours.


and for my top pick of the list…

8) Rick and Morty

If you thought Futurama was going to be too weird, have a chew on Rick and Morty. When your head is clear, Rick and Morty asks questions about family, life, morality, conscience and creation, so imagine what thoughts will go through your THC-addled mind when you’ve had a smoked beforehand. Before the end of each episode, you’ll be convinced that each one contains vital information about life and our species, and be desperately trying to explain it to everyone around you. If you really want to give your ol’ noggin the runaround, trying watching an episode called ‘Total Rickall’; that will blow your mind wide open.

8 Cartoons To Watch When You’re Stoned

What do you like to watch when you’re high? Are there cartoons missing from this list? Or do you prefer doing something other than just watching TV shows when you’re floating away? Let us know below!

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