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6 Caribbean Desserts To Try For Summer

6 Caribbean Desserts To Try For Summer


The Caribbean is a melting pot of people and cultures that as a result offer mouthwatering cuisine that can find origins in many nations, which is what makes Caribbean desserts so special. Since the Caribbean is warm all year round, you’re never short of cool, sweet (and I mean lots of sweet thanks to the abundance of sugar cane!) and savoury treats to top off a good meal. Caribbean desserts are the perfect thing for summer. With a mix of juicy tropical fruits, subtle spices and sweet treats, get a taste of the Caribbean by cooking up these sensational recipes.

Fried Bananas With Sugar And Rum

What is a Caribbean recipe list without Rum somewhere? Also know as Banana Foster in America, this sweet alcohol infused recipe is the perfect kick to a special dessert and a perfect stress-free dinner party dessert! Not only does it look appealing, it tastes delicious! You can use banana or very ripe plantain. Use the banana whole instead of cutting it up as you would plantain.

Serving suggestions: Add cream or ice cream for a delicious combination of textures or add batter to make them into banana-rum crepes.


Coconut Ice Cream

Particularly popular in Trinidad and Tobago, this ice cream is commonplace throughout the Caribbean and is enjoyed at any time of day. It’s perfect for cooling down after a long and hot summer’s day and ideal for longevity (depending on how big the container that you fill is!). Click the image below for the recipe.


Serving suggestions: add a hint of mint for a nice added cooling flavour.

Fruit Trifle

One of the more light Caribbean desserts and popular amongst most hot climates,  you’ll be sure to feel cool and refreshed as this sweet and juicy treat goes down. Fruit trifles were definitely made for the summer time. Use some of the typical fruits found in the Caribbean: pineapples, papayas, mangoes and coconut (and a bit of rum!), or substitute with other tropical fruits if those are not available. Click the image below for the recipe.


Serving suggestions: Stick it in a pretty bowl and add shavings of fruit or lime zest to top it off!


Spiced Rice Pudding

Caribbean spiced rice pudding is one of the more filling Caribbean desserts. It is especially great if you want to leave no tummy half empty. It can be as sweet as you want it to be, adjustable by the volume of sugar you add to the recipe. Rice pudding is also popular amongst numerous other nationalities. Click the image below for the recipe.

Serving suggestions: Add fruits such as pineapple into the mix to bring in a natural sweetness to the dish, or oranges if you want a slightly more tangy sensation.

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Duckanoo (or Dukunu) is a Caribbean cake that finds its origins in west Africa. It consists of a blend of cornmeal and coconut and better described as a cross between cake and pudding. In Jamaica, banana leaves are used as parcels to steam the Duckanoo, but you can aluminium foil just as well to do the job. It can be eaten hot or cold. Click the image below for the recipe.

Serving suggestions: Add a dollop of cream for a great blend of textures.


Sweet potato pudding

This is a staple food item in the Caribbean and there are so many uses for it! It is used both in meals and as a dessert. As one of the more sweet Caribbean desserts, it will not disappoint.


Serving suggestions: Add a dollop of cream or ice cream; or eat it as is, it’s just as delicious!

What are your favorite Carribean desserts? Tell us in the comments!

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