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Care Package Ideas For Freshers

Care Package Ideas For Freshers

Knowing the truth about uni is important when you're a new student entering university. Here are the things that nobody tells you.

University is perhaps one of the most intense social experiments there is. Take a group of newly turned “adults” away from home, stick em in halls all together, ply them with booze, social events, “it’s only 40%” and meeting what feels like a hundred new people a day.


Mental health can suffer somewhat at uni. Even if it doesn’t, everyone can experience some degree of loneliness, homesickness and just a general shit hangover at some point. And, that is okay! One way you, the people at home, can help out a student in need is with a loving and hopefully tasty care package in the post. I don’t know about you, but I love getting things in the mail. Care packages for freshers can quell a hangover and feelings of homesickness. I’ve compiled a list of care package ideas for freshers, check them out and spread some love to those in need, overwhelmed freshers.

Care Package Ideas For Freshers

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Tastes of home

Food is a great gift to give to anyone… like ever. Maybe this is the first-time some freshers have cooked for themselves. Maybe their halls food is sometimes questionable… food will be definitely be appreciated. This could be something they love that you can make for them. Baked goods are always a great thing to share with hall mates too. Sweets have the same effect. If the fresher is far away from home maybe there is something you can only get locally which they would really appreciate receiving. I mean for me it would be Cooplands sausage rolls of course… but I don’t know how well they would travel… But yeah, any sweet treats in the post! Or even, if you have received any vouchers for meals out. Pizza Express for example are the gift that keep on giving. Freshers sometimes need a reminder to eat vegetables and such too so a meal out somewhere decent might hopefully keep some vitamins in their diet.

Care Package Ideas For Freshers


Halloween, Christmas, other religious holidays like Easter, or celebrations like St Paddy’s day… all days like these of celebration are seasonal opportunities to send a themed care package. One beautiful aspect of life humans have established is that we have created so many exciting celebration days in our calendars. Or any excuse for a piss up. This may be the first-time freshers have experienced these holidays or seasons away from home. Sending themed cards, Halloween candy, décor, or costumes. Christmas cards… some mardi gras beads anything themed can be a really nice addition to a care package. It can also be an excuse to send a care package!

Care Package Ideas For Freshers

Shop local

What is around them at uni? If you do a little research you will probably find out there are some great bakeries, florists or even takeaways nearby. This is a slightly different kind of care package, but will still be an appreciated one. Sending deliveries from local establishments nearby can save time if you haven’t got time to put together your own care package. Buying them a Deliveroo once in a while and getting it sent to their house is a modern day care package option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Students are crap at spending money on essentials. They will pay for shots over toothpaste any day of the week. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, a flannel, pens, lined paper, a ruler, socks, washing tablets… all these kinds of thing are a great addition to a care package for freshers. Whether it reminds them that personal hygiene is important, or just helps them get to that next student loan drop, these essentials are… well, essential.

Care Package Ideas For Freshers

Putting the care in care package

Let them know you loveeee them! This could be a tiny sticky note, or a full written letter. A postcard, or a framed photo of the fam! You get the idea. Adding a personal note to a care package can really put a smile on a hangry and hungover face. Especially when uni can be a bit lonely at times!

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Being supportive of someone going through this new and hopefully awesome aspect of their life is something that will be looked back on and appreciated. Try using a care package as a way to stay in touch, show some love and care, and make sure they are having a couple of showers every now and again.

I hope these ideas inspired your care package ideas! What are your care package ideas?

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