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5 Business Apps For Beginners That Will Help You Invest Your Money

5 Business Apps For Beginners That Will Help You Invest Your Money

Students should start invest their money when they are young, so they can benefit from those investments in the future. Here's 5 business apps to help you!

When I began to hear about business and business strategies I thought “This is so boring” and “I don’t need to learn this boring crap right now”. I couldn’t be more wrong. The secret to learning business is to like it. If you don’t like or you listen to some podcast without actually focussing on the meaning, then it’s all time wasted. But, how can you make something you don’t like interesting? What I did was simple: I connected it to my passion. I love writing, and blogging is becoming such a huge way to interact with others. I thought I could learn the business of blogging, which is what I am doing through books and podcasts. The other thing with business is that once you start learning about it you want to know more and more every-day, so I found myself browsing on google for saving and investing business apps.

I will tell you a secret: you can make serious money!

From my personal experience, the thrive to learn more about investing and business started during a night out with my boyfriend’s friends, they are all older than me, and while talking about their jobs and lives they all said the same thing: “I wish I learnt about business when I was your age”.

That got me thinking, it’s important for us young people to start thinking like grown-ups. I know, I hold my hands up, you might say that at 23 years old I am part of the grown-up’s category but I still consider myself a teenager.


Anyway, back to the main point: investing and saving money at our age is crucial because one day we will benefit from our savings. Most of us students have loans they will need to pay at some point so why not get extra help? It sounds boring and, don’t get me wrong, at the beginning it is boring but as I said if you try to link it to something you like, you will find yourself immersed in the world of business. Now, I was shit at maths, so I am only reading and listening to the written part because when it comes down to numbers, I struggle a lot.

Business activity influences daily everyone’s life, as we all work, spend and save money (mostly save and spend for me). Girls (and guys if you are here), we can’t avoid it, it’s like periods, at some point in our life we will encounter the world of business, and is it better to be totally unprepared and freak out or to have some tampons ready for action?

‘EWW GROSS’ someone might say, well I say: it happens to you every month as well.


My point is (period aside, I promise), students should familiarise as soon as they can with the skills that are required in the business environment and understand the impact that these skills can have in their lives and on the society.

Instead of listening to music the whole day, introduce yourself to podcasts. This comes from someone who said “I don’t like podcasts because I can’t see the other person speak”, now I freaking love them. I listen to them on my way to work or uni and I always learn something new. Once you step a foot in the world of business you will see that it is much more numbers and letters together.

To give you girls a little help, I listed 5 of the best free business apps that will help you save and invest your money to repay your loan, or buy those Louboutin shoes you dreamt your whole life.


Monzo Business App

Good if you want to track your spending, setting a budget and splitting bills with friends.

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Chip Business App

Analyse yours in and out to identify places you can save. It offers you interest on your savings.


Moneybox Business App

Invest your spare change and it is a good way to ease your way into investing.

Starling Business App

Know how much you spend to learn how to stick to your budget.

Plum Business App

Meet your saving goals and get a little bit of encouragement on new goals


Did you girls ever try to invest your money? If you didn’t and you want to try, give a got to one of the business apps here and let us know in the comments what do you think!

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