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Burger Joints In Glasgow You Need To Try

Burger Joints In Glasgow You Need To Try

Looking for a great burger place in Glasgow? We've got you covered! Here are five of the best burger joints in Glasgow you need to try!

Packed with fantastic restaurants, Glasgow is not short of places to get a decent burger. Here’s a short list of some of the best burger joints in Glasgow, and all you need to know before you go!

1.  Smashburger

Price range: £7-£11 per burger (sides are separate)

Dietary options: Veggie burgers and gluten-free buns

Located in the city centre, Smashburger is unique from the many other burger restaurants. They have some pretty adventurous burgers, such as the spinach, cucumber and goat’s cheeseburger. As well as classic cheese, bacon cheese, and chicken burgers. You can also add more patties – up to three in fact – and there’s an entire create-your-own option if none of the 24 options are quite right for you. There is also an exclusive range of ‘triple doubles’, featuring double patties and triple cheese – and these are for really big appetites. A signature side comes in the form of ‘SMASH fries’, regular French fries doused with Italian olive oil, rosemary and garlic.

5 Best Burger Joints In Glasgow

2. Five Guys

Price range: £5-£8 per burger (fries are separate)

Dietary options: No veggie or vegan options

Don’t be so quick to dismiss a chain. Five Guys has cemented itself in Glasgow since its opening as simple, good burgers. With free toppings and the option to go ‘little’ (i.e. one patty instead of two), eating at Five Guys isn’t as expensive as people think. The burgers are authentic and juicy, and the fries are delicious and plentiful – they give you your portion, and then throw some more into the bag. An order-at-counter vibe with much better food than McDonald’s, Five Guys delivers tasty burgers and a relaxed, informal eating experience.

5 Best Burger Joints In Glasgow

3. Steak, Cattle, and Roll

Price range: £7-£13 per burger (sides and loaded fries are separate)

Dietary options: Vegan burgers

This burger restaurant is located in Glasgow’s trendy Merchant City, and the burgers are plentiful. From nacho toppings to Coca Cola flavoured sauce, the options are out there but seem to work! You can also get the ‘whole hog’ or ‘half hog’ if you’re in the mood to take on a two-foot or one-foot long hot dog. The burgers and loaded fries here are certainly worth the visit. Personally, I recommend ‘Glasgow style’ loaded fries, which come with Southern fried chicken and curry sauce. You can also get a range of sides including mac and cheese and chicken wings. There is plenty to choose from at Steak, Cattle, and Roll!

4. The Counter

Price range: £6-£13 per burger (fries are separate)

Dietary options: Vegan, veggie, gluten-free and halal

The Counter is probably the most creative burger restaurant out there. Located at Glasgow’s quayside, eaters are given a conventional menu and the option to create their own experience – and they should definitely choose the latter. With over 80 options and nearly one million possible combinations, creating your own burger from the bun to the toppings has never been more fun. Choose your bun, meat, cheese, sauce, and toppings from the normal to the crazy. You can even put salt and vinegar crisps on your burger – not your typical burger joint!

5. Buddy’s BBQ & Burgers

Price range: £5-£15 per burger (fries, sides and poutine is separate)

Dietary options: One veggie burger and one vegan burger

Buddy’s started in the south side as a modest little takeaway. Thanks to its delicious burgers it has blossomed into a popular restaurant! The burgers range from modest classics to indulgent double burgers. The best thing on the menu has to be the priciest though – at £14.95, the ‘Pit’ burger is a double cheeseburger with brisket, pulled beef and chicken. If you’re a meat lover, go for it. As the name suggests, there are also BBQ options such as pulled beef and brisket sandwiches, and the poutine (loaded fries) are also rich in flavour.

Have you been to any of these amazing burger joints? If not, you’re missing out! Let us know which is your favourite in the comments!

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