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20 Bucket List Cocktails In Ipswich You Need To Try

20 Bucket List Cocktails In Ipswich You Need To Try

Summer is finally here and this bucket list of cocktails in Ipswich is exactly what you need. Grab your friends, hit the bars, and try these amazing drinks!

Summer’s here at last!  It may seem impossible to do anything fun when money is running low, but don’t despair! There are a lot of delicious cocktail bars where you can share pitchers or buy two for a discount. Use this summer bucket list with your friends for 20 amazing cocktails in Ipswich!

1. Pushing Up Daisies

The best cocktail to get from Revolution is called “Pushing Up Daisies”. It consists of Ciroc apple vodka, elder flower, cranberry apple, and lime served with candy floss. I would definitely recommend this drink for the Glastonbury blues.

2. Cosy Club

If you are a chocolate love, this drink from the Cosy Club is definitely for you. It consists of Ketel one vodka, creme de cacao, strawberry syrup, and hisbiscus liqueur. It is then shaken with double cream and milk and sprinkled with rose petals. Delicious and beautiful.


3.  The Zombie

I nicknamed this bar “the Great Gatsby” because of the awesome 1920s vibes. When going to this bar, definitely get “The Zombie”.  It consists of Bacardi carta, Blanca rum, Captain Morgans spiced, and Captain Morgans dark rum. This drink is topped with pineapple and grenadine!

4.  The Candy King

Out of all the drinks at Degero’s, “the candy king” is by far my favourite. This drink is a secret blend of spirits and liqueurs garnished with a candy bracelet. The candy bracelet bring you right now memory lane!

5.  Tenqueray

At Cock and Pye, Tenqueray is one of their best. It’s made with gin using whole citrus fruits including white grapefruit, lime, and orange juniper with a hint of chamomile! if you enjoy citrus flavours, this one is for you!


6. James Bond

James Bond is always a go to when going to Aqua Eight! It’s Vodka, sugar cube, angostura bitters, and champagne! Mmm.

7. White Russian

If you decide that you want to stay at Aqua Eight, your next drink of choice should be their White Russian. It’s Vodka, milk, cream, and Tia Maria.

8. Candy Floss Frappe

A second trip to the Revolution is necessary. This time, try “Candy Floss Frappe” which is peach melted ice cream, Revolution handcrafted flavours, cherry syrup and pineapple juice.


9.  Bubble Gum Daiquari

Don’t leave the Revolution just yet! Try the Bubble Gum Daiquari made with bubblegum Revolution handcrafted syrup, lemon, and apple juice. It’s on the sweet side, but so delicious!

10. Lazy Margarita

Back to the Gatsby, try a lazy Margarita made with refreshing sweet and sharp Olmecs tequila blanco combined with San Pellegrino Limonatta.

11. Classic Woo Woo

You can get a Woo Woo at many bars, but it is deifnitely the best from Cock and Pye. It’s made with sweet and classic Smirnoff Vodka, peach Schnapps, and cranberry juice.


12. Sex On The Beach

Any of these bars will serve amazing Sex On The Beach drinks. It’s made with Smirnoff Vodka, Peach Schnapps, orange, and cranberry juice.

13.  Cosmopolitan

Again, this drink is a classic and you can go just about anywhere to find it. Made with Smirnoff vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and fresh lime; you really can’t go wrong!

14.  Vanilla Espresso Martini

The Closy Club is back again with their signature drink. The Vanilla Espresso Martini is made with black cold pressed coffee liqueur, Smirnoff vanilla, and a double espresso with a hint of almond. Perfect for the nights when you need a little boost!


15. Strawberry And Basil Gimlet

This cocktail is made with Gin, lime juice, fresh basil, and muddled strawberries. So refreshing for hot summer nights!

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16. The Cosy Hemingway.

The Degero served up the best Cosy Hemingway. It’s made with Solern blood orange liqueur, punk grapefruit, lime juice, and a splash of Maraschino cherry. You’ll be back for seconds or thirds (no judging)!


17.  Cherry Berry

If you love Cherry this is definitely a go to. Cherry Berry is made with Disaranno, Absolout citron, and cherry puree. Simple and delish.

18.  Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Another fruity cocktail made with Absolut raspberri , Chambourd black raspberry liqueur fresh lime, and ice topped with cranberry juice.

19.  Manhattan

Summer nights call for Manhattans. This drink is made with Whiskey, bitter maraschino cherry garnish, Angostura bitter, and sweet red vermouth.


20.  Mai Tai

Who doesn’t love a good Mai Tai every now and then!? This drink is made with ice, rum, Amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine for color.

Grab your friends and try all of these drinks this summer!

Do you know of any other places to get yummy cocktails in Ipswich? Share in the comments below!

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