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8 British YouTubers You Should Be Watching

8 British YouTubers You Should Be Watching

These British Youtubers are people you definitely need to check out. They provide a wide range of videos that are totally worth the watch!

There are so many YouTubers out there, that sometimes, a few can get lost in the mix. Forget Zoella, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Dan and Phil etc. We all know those British YouTubers, and for good reason. They’ve gained respectful followings and are incredibly successful. But there are a few that seem forgotten. I’m not saying that any of the ones listed below aren’t popular, they also have a respectful number of followers. But from music to gaming, there are a few hidden talents. Here are 8 British YouTubers you should be watching right now.

1. Emma Blackery

I know, I know, Emma Blackery is probably one of the big British YouTubers, especially when she’s just released an album. But I think that she deserves a mention exactly for this reason. Emma often talks about what she wants her channel to be, what she wants her channel to be known for. With the release of her album, ‘Villains’, she has made the transition into musician and deservedly so. Don’t just visit her channel for the funny skits or the reaction videos, visit the channel for amazing music and to learn about the person behind the camera.

2. Mini Ladd

Most gamers will be well-aware of Craig (aka, Mini Ladd) by now. He has taken YouTube by storm and has even made the leap to moving to America due to his success. He is a talented gamer and his commentary is hilarious with his British accent being the cherry on top. Don’t be deterred if you’re not a gamer, however. Mini Ladd does reaction videos, vlogs and fun collaborations with friends. You’ll most likely find at least one playlist you’ll be interested in!


3. Emma Pickles

Finding her feet after being recently diagnosed with Diabetes, Emma Pickles hasn’t uploaded for a few months. However, she is still there and so are her videos! Emma is an incredibly talented makeup artist who does both glamourous and SFX designs. If you’re looking for inspiration for Halloween, look no further! From popular Hollywood villains, to her own unique designs, Emma does it all! If you’re an anime fan, Emma will also mention her current favourite shows in between if you’re looking for a new series to binge. Whether you’re looking for simple makeup tips or scarily cool body art, definitely give Emma Pickles a look!

4. OfficialNerdCubed

If you have a dry sense of humour, Dan’s your guy! I personally love his sense of humour and watch his videos whenever I can. He’s done a few collaborations with fellow British YouTubers, Emma Blackery and Ashens, doing different things like opening blind bags, testing out Christmas calendars or generally just chatting. But primarily, OfficialNerdCubed is a gaming channel with great commentary that you should definitely check out.

5. TheRPGMinx/2LesbiansPlay

Minx (or Michelle), aka, TheRPGMinx, is a female, British gamer who specialises in horror-based games. Whether it’s psychological, full of jump scares or just plain shit, you can bet Minx has played it. On her second (and now main channel), 2LesbiansPlay, Minx is joined by her wife known as Krism. Together, they make hilarious commentary as they bicker, bitch and are just plain cute when playing various games. Although they don’t show their faces much, keep an eye out for any vlogs uploaded to see their adorable puppy, Pretzel!

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6. Bucks

Another gamer (yes, I have a thing for gamers, I’m sorry!), Bucks is another British YouTuber who made the move to America once his channel started gaining attention. He has recently started playing against pro-Fortnite gamers and uploads a few collaborations when playing with them. But, again, even if you’re not much of a gamer yourself, you still need to check out his channel! Bucks has a hysterical series where he reacts to the people he finds on the “Restricted Section of Omegle” …you can just imagine the types of things he finds on there. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you can always check out his adventures on Tinder too. Whether you like comedy sketches, react videos or gaming, Bucks will have a video to suit you…or if not, just go for the accent again!

7. Muncie Girls

I’m cheating a little here. Muncie Girls are a British rock band that uploads music videos to their YouTube channel. They’re songs are catchy and the videos are perfect! After they were recommended by a friend, I am now obsessed with the channel. If you love rock music, they are a must!


8. PinkStylist

Another British YouTuber with a respectable following, Charlie aka, PinkStylist is a professional makeup artist who can do some terrifying things with liquid latex and prosthetics. He is extremely talented and, despite the horrifying creations he comes up with, always seems like such a genuinely nice guy. There is an Omegle playlist where strangers online react to him in costume and they’re definitely the videos to watch if you need a good laugh. Whether it’s a recognisable character, or his own unique design, you can bet that PinkStylist’s creation will be horrifying…in the best possible way!

Who are your favorite British YouTubers? Let us know in the comments!
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