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10 British Slang Words That Are Unusual

10 British Slang Words That Are Unusual

British Slang is made up of wonderful, and weird things. Let's delve into the world of British slang, and find out our favourite unusual ones.

British slang is a weird one. We have some words that are just confusing to everyone outside the country. Here is a little insight into this weird, wild world of British slang, mixed with definitions and ways to use them.

1. Chuddy

You’re probably reading this like, what the hell is Chuddy? Well, my friends, it is simply just chewing gum. Giving you minty fresh breath since your mom first allowed you to have it. Apparently, this slang originated from the 1940s! What a time. If you love this term for chewing gum, get using it. Your friends will have no idea!  

Pronounced: Chud-ee 


2. Gambol 

I’ve had many discussions in my time attempting to describe why a Gambol is called a Gambol. But it just is. So, to many people around Britain, and even around the world this word is foreign. But to the beautiful city of Birmingham, Brummie’s call a forward roll; a Gambol. Unusual, yet quirky!  

Pronounced: Gam-bowl 

3. Barmy 

This is all about being mad. If you’re going Barmy, you’re just plain mad or maybe a little stupid. This is a great way to secretly call people mad without offending them, so get sneaky. Call out those Barmy people!  


Pronounced: Barm-ee. 

4. Wounded 

No, this doesn’t have the normal definition of wounded, no wounds are accumulated. This is like “Ah, I got a terrible grade on that assignment.” “Ahhh, wounded.” It’s more about like being hurt but like internally rather than physically and visible to the eye. This is the best way to understand someone’s pain when someone is wounded you’re kind of wounded for them. 

Pronounced: The normal way.  


5. Wrecked

There are plenty of ways to describe how drunk you’ve been on a night out on the town with your mates, but this is a personal favourite. Wrecked is the best way to describe when you’ve basically needed assistance to get home. When you wake up with a mouth like the Sahara Desert, and a Snapchat story full of singing. It’s regretful, but it’s okay… Because you were wrecked! This is an easy word to describe your nights out, and it’s quite fun to use in your storytelling.  

Pronounced: The usual way.

6. Off Your Rocker

I would say this is another more midland type of slang. But British slang travels from city to city, and it is spread so easily. When someone is off their rocker they are simply just mental! If your friend does something crazy it’d be appropriate o say, ‘You’re off your rocker!’ This is such an unusual but fun way to call someone crazy. Maybe try it!  


Pronounced: Exactly how you think.

7. Giving it Large 

When someone is argumentative, but they’re all talk. This would be them ‘Giving It large’. It’s a way to describe someone who gets themselves into a pickle of an argument being the one running their mouth, only for them to look like the sucker in the end. ‘He was giving it large!’ 

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Pronounced: Exactly how you think. 

8. Bagsy 

I guess Americans would call this ‘calling dips’, but here in Britain we Bagsy things. If you want to be in the passenger seat, and you’re fighting with your sibling over it, If you bagsy it, it’s yours. This is a known thing with all siblings, you can’t have it if it’s already been bagsy’d by someone. ‘Bagsy sitting in the front!’  

Pronounced: Bags-ee 


9. Munter 

This is a bit of a mean slang word. If you think someone is unpleasant to look at, this is how you could describe them using slang. Not this nicest of words, but sometimes we need slang for every possible scenario, right? ‘I think they’re a right munter!’ 

Pronounced: M-un-ter 

10. Chuffed 

On a lighter note, this is a much happier slang word. To be chuffed, it’s like to be excited/happy. To be chuffed you’re like buzzed about something. ‘I’m well chuffed!’ It’s such a fun word to use and it’s so suitable in many happy situations. Try it out! 


Pronounced: Ch-uff-d 

British slang is pretty fun to play around with and explore. What are your favourite British slang words? How did you learn them? Let’s talk about our favourite things to say in the comments. Even if you’re not British, let’s talked about one maybe you’ve picked up! Tell me in the comments if you’ve used any of these, and let’s see if you’ve learned any!

Have fun with it!

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