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7 Experiences You Had If You Went To A British Beach As A Child

7 Experiences You Had If You Went To A British Beach As A Child

Do you relate to any of these experiences of being a British beach goer over the years? These are memories most British beach kids had!

Sun, sand and sea, as a kid there was nothing better than going to the beach with your family and having the time of your life. It was the best way to spend all of the two days of summer we have in Britain, that is if it didn’t end up raining. Alongside all the embarrassing pictures your parents have collected through the years, the memories of family British beach holidays are some of the best and worst.

1. Fish and chips

Fish and chips are an iconic British duo and with good reason, if you went to a British beach as a child anywhere in Britain then you were bound to eat this for lunch. Your parents would try to find the cheapest place but give up because all the kids would be complaining about being so hungry after playing around in the sea or making sand castles for hours.

2. Mum’s sandwiches

You’d think that going to the beach five times and everyone wanting Fish and Chips every time would stop mums from making sandwiches the night before, but nope. Truth is, mum’s egg or tuna sandwiches would be finished before we even got to the beach because it usually took around 4 hours getting there and no one could be bothered to stop at a service station and add another half an hour to the trip.


3. The drive back home

You might be asking yourself if you even remember the drive home, you probably don’t. By the time you leave the British beach, you’re so tired that you fall asleep before your dad even got the chance to start the engine. Then, as if by magic, it’s six AM the next morning and somehow you’r in your own bed, your parents probably didn’t get up till at least 1 PM the next afternoon.

4. Ice creams were a must

The basic need for a British beach holiday is at least three ice creams each, as kids this was heaven on earth, the only time our parents would buy us so many ice creams. But you have to remember how at least half of the ice cream would melt and trickle down your hand, your parents would be so mad because they would have to find the nearest toilet to wash it off your hands and face.


5. Rock, candy floss and all things sweet

When your parents were going around the town trying to find a cheap place to have some fish and chips you would come across a candy shop with all kinds of flavored rock like Cola, Strawberry and even pizza! There would also be candy floss and lolly pops you know you wouldn’t be able to finish off, and your parents would let you buy three things because they’re were always on sale for £1. The sugar rush you had the next day made your parents regret letting you buy so many sweets.

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6. Seagulls were your worst fear

If you weren’t scared that the seagulls would steal your food, you were scared that they’d fly over your head and poo on you. This was by far the worst experience you had going to a British beach as a child, but you got your revenge by running towards them when they were trying to eat something off the floor.

7. The palace that was the pier

The pier was the best place to go when you were on a beach holiday because there were arcade games, rides and sometimes even a ferris wheel. You begged your parents to let you go on all the rides but all they were interested in was taking pictures on the pier with the amazing view of the British beach behind them.


Which of these British beach memories do you relate to? Let us know in the comments.

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