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15 Brilliant Halloween Costume Ideas For Uni Parties

15 Brilliant Halloween Costume Ideas For Uni Parties

While you can certainly hop on Amazon and purchase a ready made, don’t-have-to-think-about-it costume sent straight to your door, some people actually enjoy spending a bit of time crafting together the perfect fancy dress. In my opinion, these Halloween costume ideas are bit more creative than the ones you see in stores, and make for quite the conversation starter. Here are 15 brilliant Halloween costume ideas perfect to wear to any themed uni party this season.

1. Nudists on Strike

Take the easy way out with this simple costume. Literally wear whatever you want and just sling a sign around your neck saying, “nudist on strike!”

2. Freudian Slip

All you need to do is paste a few of Sigmund Freud’s famous terms onto a slip dress and there you have it, a Freudian slip.


3. YouTube Channel

Label your video whatever you want to dictate how you should pose all night. “Guy makes out with girl at a uni party” is one to consider.


4. Dancing Emoji

Throw on your best red dress and strike a pose.


5. Twin Dancing Emoji

Looks like a trend is starting with these Halloween costume ideas. Grab your best friend, wear matching black leotards and bow, lock arms and stand on one leg (having blonde hair doesn’t helps too).


6. Stick Figure

Arrange black gorilla tape on an all white outfit to give the appearance of a stick figure and don’t forget your mask!


7. Miss Universe

Quite literally.


8. Party Animal

Dress up as whatever animal you want and throw on a party hat!


9. French Kiss

Get it – the french version of Kiss.


10. Spice Girls

Not those spice girls…actual spice girls.

11. Fork in the Road

Stick to an all black outfit and arrange some yellow tape in a winding fashion. Then just paste a fork right in the middle of your shirt.


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12. Blue Ivy

We’d like to thank Beyonce for giving her daughter the perfect name for a Halloween costume.


13. Bee-yonce

Then again, we’d like to thank Beyonce for having such a name herself!


14. Grumpy Cat

The infamous hard-to-please feline makes for one funny costume! Dress up as a cat, keep a scowl on your face and carry around a sign with something very negative on it, such as, “I went to a Halloween party once…it was awful.”


15. Error 404: Costume Not Found

And if you can’t think of anything else; this always works.

Do you have any other clever Halloween costume ideas? Share in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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