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10 Brilliant DIY Christmas Jumpers You Need To Make

Christmas jumpers are the ultimate holiday party accessory and will instantly put you in the spirit. There’s no need to spend crazy amounts of money when you can easily make one yourself. So, get creative and try to make one (or all) of these brilliant Christmas jumper ideas!

1. Be the Christmas tree

You can be the star (literally) of the party with this brilliant Christmas tree jumper. You simply need a hot glue gun, garland, ornaments, and a star tree topper and voila!

2. A cute frosty

If Frosty is your favourite classic Christmas movie, this jumper will be perfect for you. Customize it however you want, but use cotton balls or pads to create the snowman.

3. Jingle my bells and feel the joy

Couple fancy outfit ideas are always a hit at parties. You’ll have everyone laughing with these “jingle my bells” and “feel the joy” jumpers!

4. Real life fireplace

This Christmas jumper is one of my absolute favourites!! It is so original and extremely easy to make. Using felt, you can create the fire illusion. To finish the jumper, use one strand of garland and 6 mini stockings.

5. Feelsy Grinch

The Grinch is on the top of my list for all time best Christmas movies EVER. If you agree, this Grinchy jumper is one you’ll love. With a feather scarf, red pom poms, and some fuzzy felt, you can re-create this look.

6. Pong tree because why not?

Incorporate your fave drinking game with your fave holiday with this pong jumper!

7. Rudolph is on the loose

Rudolph probably had a little too much egg nog, but it’s Christmas so who cares…am I right!?

8. Grandma got run over by a reindeer

If this jumper doesn’t make you laugh….you need a new sense of humour. Add leaves, twigs, and any other branch-type decor on to your sweater to make it look like you literally got run over. Use a hoof stencil and some white paint spray to get the print. Don’t forget the curlers and a grey granny wig!

9. The abominable snowman

You cannot deny your love for the abominable snowman.


10. The typical fuckboy Christmas jumper

Alright, this jumper may be pushing the limits, but it’s really funny and that’s the point of an ugly Christmas jumper. So, go for it.

What are your favorite Christmas jumpers!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: weheartit

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