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25 Brighton Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun AF

25 Brighton Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun AF

Date night doesn't have to be boring and the same thing every weekend. From colour run to karaoke, these are 25 Brighton date ideas that are fun AF!

Fed up of going to the same old spots for dinner with your date? Who isn’t. With so many fun things to do in Brighton, it’s time to liven up your date activities. Put down the knife and fork, and try out these instead. Here are 25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!

25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!

 1. Play A Round Of Mini Golf

The mini golf course on the seafront is guaranteed fun for both you and your date. The loser has to buy the Slush Puppies at the end.


 2. Sing karaoke at Lucky Voice

The karaoke booths at Lucky Voice are the perfect place to be silly and sing your heart out. They do fancy cocktails here as well, so you can calm your dating jitters and give yourself a bit of Dutch courage to get you in the mood for singing.

25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!

3. Watch a Movie on The Brighton Big Screen

For serious Grease vibes, head down to the beach with your blankets and cushions and get cosy under the big screen. While the movie rolls, you’ll also get to watch the sun set and the stars come out; this is one seriously cute date idea.


4.  Head down to the Pier and Play old-school arcade games

The penny machines give out prizes, which may be tacky, but make for super-cute first date gifts.

25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!

 5. Go to Drusillas

Brighton’s super lucky to have such a great zoo just outside the city. Take a bus there and spend the day looking at all the cute animals this zoo has to offer.


6. Have breakfast at the Breakfast Club

Breakfast dates: so much better than evening dates. Head to the Breakfast Club in the Laines for an amazing range of breakfasts to satisfy every tastebud.

7. Go for a walk up the Dyke

Surrounding Brighton is the South Downs National Park, and the Dyke is one area of that. Take a walk over the hills and admire the stunning scenery.

 8. Go Ziplining

The Brighton Zipline has just been installed in lieu of the Brighton Big Wheel, so if you fancy zipping along the seafront while your date watches from below, then this is the one for you.


 9. Have a swim at Saltdean Lido

Okay, so this one means stripping off and getting into a swimsuit in front of your date, but who doesn’t love splashing about in an open-air pool on a hot day?

10. Explore the Laines

Grab your boo and go exploring in the North Laines. There are so many funky shops and one-of-a-kind stalls, this is a great way to spend the day.


11. Jump About on the Trampolines on the Pier

Of all the pier activities, the trampolines are by far the funnest.

12. Binge on Sweet Treats at Sprinkles Gelato

Load up on one of the many flavours of ice cream, or tuck into a plate of warm cookie dough. For maximum cuteness, go halves on a milkshake and get two straws for the pair of you.

25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!


 13. Check out the new Victoria’s Secret

Let your date pick you ou some sexy new underwear from the newly refurbished Victoria’s Secret in Churchill Square.

14. Head up the i360

If you want to see Brighton from above, venture up the i360; a metal pole with a pod that takes passengers up to the top and then back down again.

25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!


15. See live music at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

The coolest venue in Brighton often does live music nights; check out their Facebook page to find out which night is the best to go on.

16. Treat Yourselves to Afternoon Tea

Metrodeco in Kemp Town do an impressive afternoon tea, with vintage cake stands piled high with yummy cakes, pastries and finger sandwiches.

25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!


17. Go rollerblading along the seafront

If you don’t mind falling flat on your face in front of your date, you can rent rollerblades from Skate Fresh and glide up and down the promenade.


18. Have a picnic in Pavillion Tavern gardens

The most laid-back spot in all of Brighton, the gardens are the perfect place to put together a little picnic and stare romantically into each other’s eyes.

19. Go on the rides at the Pier

If the arcade gets boring, you can always head down to the end of the pier where there are loads of rides to keep you entertained. Some are not for the faint-hearted, but others are more tame.

25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!


20. Go for burgers at Burger Brothers

The burgers here are something else, but be warned, this is probably not a wise first-date idea, since you’ll invariably end up with sauce everywhere, including in your hair.

21. Admire the wildlife at the Sea Life Centre

Check out the pretty fish at the Brighton Sea Life Centre with your boo.

25 Brighton date ideas that are actually fun AF!


22. Hit some pins

The Marina has a great bowling alley that you can visit, and it gets bonus points for all the restaurants in close proximity to it.

23. Have A Beach Day

When the flag’s flying, it means the sea is safe to swim in. So have a paddle, and a sunbathe and enjoy Brighton’s beautiful beach.

24. Visit the Booth Museum of Natural History

It’s free admission here so even if you learn nothing you won’t be out of pocket. But the museum is surprisingly fun and the exhibits will spark up conversation between you and your date.


25. Take Part in the Brighton Colour Run

This year’s Colour Run is set to be bigger than ever, and who better to do it with than your other half and make it into a date! You can encourage each other along, whether you run, jog or walk it.

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Do you have any other fun date ideas around Brighton!? Share in the comments below!

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