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Bright Or Neutral? Here’s What Your Nail Colour Says About You

Bright Or Neutral? Here’s What Your Nail Colour Says About You

You're nail colour says a lot about who you are based off if you choose more bright colors over more dull neutral colors.

You might not think twice about what colour you paint your nails. It’s just your personal preference after all. But the look you’ve got on your hands reveals a lot about you. Colour psychology plays a huge part in style and fashion, so, though you may not know it, what you put on your nails is influencing the feelings and perceptions of those around you. Take a look below, and see if you can find what your nail colour says about you.

1. Multi-coloured

You’re smiley, flamboyant, and excitable. You love to express yourself through colour, so everything you own has rainbow running through. You’re a hoarder, and your flat is filled with fairy lights and multi-coloured drapes.

2. Multi-muted

You’ve got style and class. You like patterned shirts, and groovy trousers, but you wear them with caution. You see your nails as tiny canvases – somewhere to express yourself outside of clothes. You’re sociable, down-to-earth, and passionate about nature.


3. Pastels

You’re cool, calm, and collected. Someone with pink pastel nails loves girly things, and probably has a matching pink phone case. Arianna Grande is your soul sister, and Rihanna is your idol. Your fashion style is a combination of slouchy and pretty, and you have a specific bag for every outfit.

Pastel purple belongs to the dainty woman who loves modern art and coffee. You’re rarely seen with darker nails, but if you push the boat out, it’ll be a deep plum nail colour. You don’t want to stray too far from your normal look, because you know what you like and you’re not one for change.

A blue pastel is calm. You are the go-to friend for advice, and if two of your friends are fighting, you’ll be the one to bring them back together. You’re a chilled person and bring an air of effortless cool to every room you enter.


4. Neon

People know you as the bubbly friend. You’re caring and warm, and you jump at the opportunity for an adventure. Your fashion sense follows more muted colours – that’s why you like to spice up your look with a little bit of nail flare.

5. Glitter

You are a secret firecracker. You love glittery things and jewellery, and cannot stand having naked nails. Whether it’s nude, neon, or a dark nail colour; you always add a sparkly layer on top to give your gorgeous nails a little extra spunk.

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6. Darks

You’re quite creative. You’re a professional woman. You dress sleek, normally in black, and you probably love long floaty coats and heeled black boots. You’re a mother hen to your friends, but when the weekend comes you’ll be the one dancing on tables at the smartest joint in town.

7. Nude

Peaches, taupes and nudes are for clean-cut, beachy girls who are glamorous yet secure enough not to follow every trend. Pretty and polished, you are feminine without being high maintenance.

8. Clear

They call you “au natural” because you don’t have time to paint (unless you find the perfect nude 60seconds dry polish). You’re one of the lucky ones though! Not all people could work lush natural nails like you – some say (we say) clear is the new bold.


What does your nail colour say about you? Make sure to tell us in the comments below!

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