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10 Bridesmaid Dresses That Will (Almost) Outshine The Bride!

It’s always been a rule that the bride has to be the most beautiful being at her own wedding, which she usually is! But that doesn’t mean the bridesmaids aren’t allowed to shine a little too, right? So while you’re up there alongside your blushing bestie, you want to feel comfortable knowing you look stunning, without detracting from the bride, of course. To help with that, here are 10 bridesmaid dresses that will (almost) outshine the bride!

1. Embellishment

This is a style that will definitely catch a few glances as you go down the aisle, and look great in photos. An embellished dress is a great way to add texture and a bit of a unique design element to the wedding party. No matter what colour scheme or style of gown is decided on, a touch of embellishment always brings out the flair of any dress!

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2. Soft Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses are so great at highlighting the décolletage, bringing the eye up to your gorgeous faces! Decking the bridesmaids out in soft colours along with this style looks so feminine and soft, and will definitely shine a little spotlight on the bridesmaids.

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3. Floral

Especially in a Spring or Summer wedding, floral dresses are so pretty, and a bit different to the normal ‘bridesmaid’ look. Just like flowers, there are so many varieties of floral dress patterns to look at, so you’ll definitely find one that matches the style of the wedding!

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4. Satin Spaghetti Strap

This style for bridesmaid dresses can be for more formal, elegant weddings, which is where the satin fabric comes in handy in making the bridesmaids look so classy! The spaghetti strap gives the dresses a fun, flirty appeal while still keeping the whole look sophisticated. Definitely a scene-stealer!

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5. Velvet

Velvet is a fabric that is not often used in formal gowns, especially for bridesmaid dresses. But luckily, they are slowly becoming more and more popular, and would look fantastic for an Autumn/Winter wedding. If a colder-season wedding is in your future, then a velvet bridesmaid dress in a deep, rich colour, like burgundy, would look so gorgeous next to a bride in white!

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6. Tulle Skirt

If you want the bridesmaids to stand out, the traditional bridesmaid dresses just sometimes don’t cut it. This is where the two piece with a tulle skirt comes into play, and is so gorgeous as a co-ord! Pair a beautiful, fluffy tulle skirt with a crop top and you’ve got a stunning bridesmaids outfit that will catch a little attention from the guests!

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7. Fluttery Sleeves

Fluttery sleeves are so elegant and timeless; they add a touch of sophistication to bridesmaid dresses that is just so beautiful! Especially on a sunny, breezy day, these dresses are not only whimsical and fairy-like, but they’re also pretty comfortable. It’ll be hard to measure who outshines who with this gorgeous look!

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8. Lace-Insert Train

These bridesmaid dresses are definitely original and attention grabbing! Having a panel of lace on the back of the train makes for a delicate and gorgeous detail to the dress that the bride will probably wish she had on her train. In this blush colour, these dresses will be the (second) most talked about gown on the day!

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9. Boho Chic

This gorgeous gown is one for the more free-spirited brides and bridesmaids. If you want to shy away from your more traditional gowns, then this lacy, flowy number will do just the trick. With the off the shoulder detailing in pretty pastels, this is a bridesmaid dress that would look great even after the wedding, as a dress you can throw on for any event!

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10. Deep V

Deep v dresses in general are so flattering and have a more sexy vibe to them. This dress in a bold colour is definitely more sexy and confident, while in a softer colour, like blush, is more refined and, though easier on the eye, will still garner some much deserved attention throughout the day!

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Which of these bridesmaid dresses will you be choosing for your besties on your big day? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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