6 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

6 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

Everyone has different ideas about what separates books from fall books. Whether it’s the subject matter, the mood they set or a fall-themed cover, fall books are the best company one can have on an autumn day. So let’s take a look at six books that might just get you in the mood for fall!

1. Diary Of A Bookseller By Shaun Bythell

I love this book and it might be because I love books. Diary of a Bookseller is a great way to experience what it’s like to own a bookshop without actually owning one. It is both wonderfully sarcastic and incredibly genuine. What makes it a great fall book is the mood it sets.

You can’t help but imagine yourself going through Shaun’s bookshop and reading your fall book hidden somewhere in a corner surrounded by books and accompanied by the bookshop’s cat.

6 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

2. Squashed By Joan Bauer

This young adult novel is unconventional in the best way possible. As far as I know, it is the only YA novel that has tackled the subject of agriculture. And it does so in an enjoyable and playful way with a relatable main character.

This fall book is a funny read that will keep you warm in the cold autumn days. And it has a squash on the cover, so it’s really thematic!

6 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

3. Autumn At Apple Hill By Angie Ellington

This fall book provides a snug story for the lovers of romance novels. It’s a quick and easy read, which makes it a great weekend companion. The setting of a bed and breakfast is one of the things that makes it a great fall book because it sets up a really cozy and calm atmosphere. Hopefully, this light read will warm up your autumn weekend.

6 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

4. Hallow’en Party By Agatha Christie

It’s no Orient Express but it’s an enjoyable read and a great fall book. It’s one of the last Poirot novels, so it’s a must-read especially if you’re a fan. Halloween is a central event in fall and this crime novel will definitely help you get in the mood for the season.

This fall book will not only get you ready for Halloween, inspire your detective costume and look great on your shelf, but it will help you discover some Agatha Christie which you may have missed.

6 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

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5. Border: A Journey To The Edge Of Europe By Kapka Kassabova

This is an engaging and moving story with some historical background, which is very well researched and informative. With pagan beliefs, mysticism and interesting characters, it is an excellent fall book. If you like traveling, you will like it even more, because it will make you want to pack your bags and go somewhere.

Like most of the fall books on our list, it is the mood it sets that puts it on here. It’s a beautiful read that will want to be joined by a warm cup of tea. Well-written, intelligent and heart-warming, it is the perfect fall book.

6 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

6. Just Under The Clouds By Melissa Sarno

This is a middle-grade contemporary book, which may not sound up your alley at first but it’s a really touching story. It discusses topics that rarely make their way in literature, which also makes it a very important book. Honest and full of feeling.  It will touch you, it will leave you in thought and it will definitely be a great addition to your fall book collection.

6 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

These are only six books which you can take a look at this fall but there is much more to explore. What are some fall books in your collection? Comment below so we can expand the list. 

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