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10 Bohemian Style Wedding Pictures That Make Us Want A Wedding Right Now

10 Bohemian Style Wedding Pictures That Make Us Want A Wedding Right Now

Have you ever seen bohemian style wedding pictures? We'll guarantee the ones we'll show you will make you long for a bohemian style wedding!

Ever since I watched Edward and Bella’s woodland nuptials in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, I have been obsessed with planning an outdoor wedding. No one needs to think about the practicalities of having twigs fall in your hair or getting dirt on your wedding dress, because all that matters is the fact that the pictures of your big day are guaranteed to be absolutely stunning (and totally Instagram worthy of course). Non-traditional, outdoor weddings typically fall under the category of ‘Bohemian Style’ and incorporate a mix of natural, rustic and vintage details. Even as I write this article I can envisage my ideal Bohemian Style Wedding in my mind, and quite frankly it makes me want a wedding right now. To help you share this vision, below are ten examples of Bohemian Style Wedding Pictures that will make us all want a wedding right now…

1. A Woodland Banquet

Everything about this picture is aesthetically mouth-watering. The wild bouquets that feature as centre pieces for the table, as well as the background trees that hang like umbrellas over the guests, appeal to the naturalistic core of the Bohemian style. Artificial additions such as the enchanting hanging light bulbs and endless crockery make the dining setting a cross between a sophisticated Mad Hatter’s tea party, and something like out of a fairy-tale!

2.Whatever The Weather

The umbrella the Groom holds lovingly over his Bride’s head reminds us that Bohemian Style weddings are inevitably at the mercy of nature, and must go ahead come rain or shine! The simple and effortless archway of twisted vines and flowers, creates the perfect backdrop for the couple to exchange vows. Can someone pass us the tissues already please?


3. Get Your Tee Pee On

This tee pee of delicate lace, the lace itself resembling the material found on a wedding dress, is so understated yet beautiful. It creates an unusual enclosure to exchange vows and the delicate touches of flower arrangements and candles exude romance and compliment the breath-taking scenery which forms the backdrop of the photo.

4.Here Comes The Bride

Okay so this is one of the bohemian style wedding pictures which literally make me want to get married right now! The quirky addition of wooden doors creates the illusion of walking into a chapel instead of a woodland, in which grass replaces the carpet of the wedding aisle! The simple nature of the Bride’s dress and bouquet is so graceful and elfin like, and the woven head band depicts the Bride as a Princess of nature.

5.Festival Meets Wedding Glam

This is one of the bohemian style wedding pictures which encapsulate the unorthodox and laid back nature of Bohemian Style weddings. The hippy mismatched dresses display the bridesmaid’s individual personalities without taking the shine off of the Bride herself.


6. Waiting Patiently.

Wow. That is all I can say. The sunlight filtering through the trees illuminates the delicate embroidery of the Bride’s wedding dress, making her appear truly ethereal. The twisted floral archway and matching bouquet further add to the rustic feel of the photo.

7.Jamming With Nature.

No wedding would be complete without music and Bohemian Style weddings are no exception. The minimalistic set and fairy lights hanging from the trees blend perfectly with the manmade instruments to create a truly natural scene. You can almost imagine the instruments harmonising with the background noise of insects!

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8.Backless Bride.

The beauty about a Bohemian Style wedding – typically low key by nature – means the main focus is on the Bridge (or Groom) and this is exactly what this picture shows. The intricately woven circle seat further creates a natural ring to anticipate the exchanging of rings to come.

9.Official Kiss.

Even though you can’t ignore the Bride and Groom, I chose this photo due to the background. The simple decorations such as a carpet, table and flower arrangements camouflage with the trees and grass to create the appearance that they belong. This means the setting looks natural as opposed to contrived. Can we hire it now please?

10.Sprawling Nature.

This is one of the ideal bohemian style wedding pictures to end this article as I simple cannot contain myself when I look at it. The hanging vines that creep around the chairs make it look as if nature is taking over and again, the candles and fairy lights (which can be mistaken for fireflies here) make this Bohemian Style Wedding photo look truly magical.


So out of the above ten Bohemian Style Wedding Photos, which one makes you want to get married now? Answer in the comment section below:

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